Sunday, April 20, 2008

blog #077 >> Shadow Play

Here's my newest Good Will find, the best yet this year...
This wonderful white owl lamp $5. I rescued the shade last summer out by the dumpster. And I painted the trees on tracing paper with India ink and taped them to the inside to create the shadows. I really like it. And it goes great with my latest painting.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

blog #076 >> New Things

I realize I haven't blogged about anything lately.
So, here are some new things.

Here are some new hosue plants to replace the two that got moldy.
A little fern and a classic African violet. I realized that succulents just don't like my apartment.

These are some of my newest records. Thanks Dave and Trina for the Lawrence Welk album. I think it's my favorite one! And all the others too. The Walter Carlos Switched-on Bach II, Bach classics on a Moog synthesizer, is surprisingly good. I really just wanted it for the cover. And who can resist colored vinyl, especially Sing Along with Mitch colored vinyl.

My mom got me this whale of a soap dish at the Troutdale Antique Mall. And he's joined my porcelain aquarium in the bathroom.

The groovy floral t.v. trays and brownie hawkeye projector came from my sister's yard sale stuff. Thanks Amy! The project was my grandpa's but needs a new light bulb to work.

And these lovely new fingerless gloves came from Sock Dreams new store front where Trina works. I also got some cute brown and pink striped knee-highs, but they're in the laundry at the moment. When they're clean I post a picture with my new shoes. My first real pair of new shoes since I graduated college.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

blog #075 >> Book of the Week:
Three Stuffed Owls

I've never actually read this book. I just really like the cover.