Monday, July 5, 2010

blog #419 >> WEEDS!!!

Today, I used the nice weather to weed the garden. The good weather this past week has really helped out the garden, but it has also helped out the weeds. Normally, I weed the garden a couple of times a month, but since we've had so much rain, I just kept on putting it off. I had no idea how bad it had gotten! I started this morning around nine and pretty soon I was getting hungry, so I thought, "hmmm... I wonder what time it is? It must be around 10:30." ...nope... it was 12:30! And I was only about a 1/3 of the way done! So, I went back out after lunch and finished it up around 4:30. I'm going to be so sore in the morning. I also planted a few more starts that I picked up at the nursery this weekend. I decided to try for more fall plants since we had such a LONG spring. I've officially added an acorn and a butternut squash to the garden. All my zucchinis are doing very well too. I think it's going to be a squash year. It certainly wasn't a spinach year though. It went to seed almost as soon as it was up. I think I'm going to dig it up next week, eat what I can and plant nasturtiums instead. They may not be the most tasty of plants, but they are pretty. And they do well in the summer and fall. I'm hoping for an Indian Summer.