Monday, February 13, 2012

blog #499 >> Pintrest Update!

I'm really just posting this here so I can pin it to Pintrest.
I'm updating my "In the Kitchen" board. I'm switching it from both cute kitchens and delicious food, to just cute kitchens. Then I'm starting a new board called "In the Recipe Box" for awesome eats. So if you're missing my food pins, you'll need to start following my new board. Or if you're not on Pintrest, sign-up! 'Cause you're really missing out!

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Here's an example of the delicious things you can see on my "In the Recipe Box" board.
It's a Home Made Mushroom Soup. I tried it. It's AMAZING! You can see the recipe here on Season with Spice. Or see the pin here on Pintrest.

And here's an example of the swell stuff you can see on my "In the Kitchen" board.
Image found on Interior Home Designz. Or here on Pintrest.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

blog #498 >> White Chocolate Strawberry Cookies

Look! I did something other than play Minecraft!
I made this delicious cookies!
I found the recipe here at the Picky Palate blog.
See, this is why I LOVE Pintrest!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

blog #497 >> It's all about MINECRAFT!!!!

It's been brought to my attention, that I haven't blogged in a very long time. There is actually a very simple explanation for this... I've discovered MINECRAFT!!!!

Now, it's not (entirely true) that I don't do other things. I've still been baking cookies, cleaning house, reading, visiting friends, and such; it's just whenever I get on the computer, I see Minecraft, and think, I'll do that instead of going to Google Reader, Etsy, Hulu, Facebook, Blogger, or whatever else I was going to do. (I've still be spending gross amounts of time on Pintrest though.) And then before I know it, the evening has completely slipped away. Funny how computers are like that. Well, today I finally figured out how to take screen shots of my little Minecraft world, so now I can finally show off what has been devouring my time like a pack of famished zombies being chased by a creeper.

I have to admit though, the first few days of playing were far from fun.
I logged in, created my first world, and it was lovely! It had green trees, little hills, a nice lake of water. It really was a nice world. Then I tried to go exploring, but I couldn't move. I could only look around and jump! I spent half of my first day just trying to figure out how to walk! I just stood there jumping up and down like an idiot. I actually had to google search "How to walk in Minecraft." It's the "w" button!!! What game uses "w" for walking?!?! I obviously don't play many computer games. Plants vs. Zombies and Chess are about it.
So, after I got walking figured out, that only left a me a few minutes to dig myself into a little safety hole, and hide away for the night. (The monsters come out at night and they sound really scary.) Well, then I forgot which way was out, and I ended up digging myself even deeper into my safety hole. And by the time I got out, it was almost night time again! So I dug myself back in. Now you would think that a game that appears to use less then 20 pixels per inch would load really quickly. This would be a false assumption. It had been stalling off and on all day, but then it completely locked up. So I did the smart thing to do. I pressed every button on my keyboard to wake it up... this isn't actually the smart thing to do. Because when my processor finally caught up with itself, it did everything I had previously entered into the keyboard. Unfortunately, this random series of movements caused me to break free from my little safety hole in the middle of the night, and there were LOTS of monsters outside just waiting to eat me. There was no avoiding it then. I was dead. A creeper blew me up into little bits while his spider and zombie friends watched on with glee. It was sad.
But oh well, I'll just reincarnate back at my starting point. Nope, not this time. I had accidently created my world on "Hardcore Mode." This was quite unfortunate because, I'm not really hardcore about anything. And once you die on "Hardcore Mode" you lose your world. There are also lots more monsters in "Hardcore Mode." "Alright," I thought, "I'll just create a new world, and make sure it's not on 'Hardcore Mode.'" I created a new world, and it was a dismal site. It was a tiny little ice burg of snow, completely surrounded with water, and it had one little tree growing on it. I'll make another world... this one was little better. So after about 10 worlds, I finally found one to my liking.
I started out pretty good in this world. I learned that you can't build a tower up to cloud level and jump off without dying... actually, I'm not sure why I ever thought that I could jump and survive. And then I started to get hungry... but I had nothing to eat! Quick! Kill a pig!!! I killed a pig, only it wasn't a pig, it was a pink sheep. What type of game has pink sheep that look like pigs! It seems like some type of cruel and unusual trick! Alright, I've got to find a real pig, or a cow, or a chicken or something... at last a real pig! I harvested my well earned pork chop. But how do I eat it? I've positively no idea. I just went around hitting things with my pork chop! Back to MinecraftWiki! (I'm not sure how you would ever in a million years figure out how to play this game without this site.) Oh, it's the OTHER button. That's right, mice have two of them. Got it.

This is when things started getting better, and after making a crafting table and a few tools, I was really getting the hang of it. However, I still don't like fighting monsters. I have absolutely no skill at it. I usually just jump up and down, flailing my arms about wildly, hoping to hit something. This is not a very good tactic. I've also found that my little guy can run quite quickly, and if necessary, outrun nearly any opponent. What I lack in courage, I make up with cowardice, or self preservation as I prefer to call it. Normally I keep it on "Easy Mode," or if I'm building and don't want to worry about monsters at all, I'll play on "Peaceful Mode." I have no sense of gaming pride, and I'm not ashamed to take the easy way out. "I'm dying!!! What do I do?" "Turn it on 'Peaceful Mode!'" Instant healing!
So, now that I'm not struggling to stay alive, the game is REALLY fun! Mostly, I just like collecting, crafting, and building cool things.

This is my first house, the Hobbit hole, and then I built all this other stuff.

The Tree House

The Farm

The Boat Dock (To take me to...)

The Watch Tower

The Pit Mine
(It has a glass top, you just can't see it.)

The Great Room
(That's inside the pit mine. I also have an underground forest, garden, and roller coaster down here.)

The Storage Room

The Reading Room

The Dungeon/Portal Room
(And the "Nether World" isn't nearly as scary as the abandoned mine shaft where it spits me back!)

The Desert Yurt

The Mushroom House

I've build lots of other stuff too, but I think I've already posted enough pics.

And now I think I've proven that fact that I'm a complete NERD!!!