Monday, February 13, 2012

blog #499 >> Pintrest Update!

I'm really just posting this here so I can pin it to Pintrest.
I'm updating my "In the Kitchen" board. I'm switching it from both cute kitchens and delicious food, to just cute kitchens. Then I'm starting a new board called "In the Recipe Box" for awesome eats. So if you're missing my food pins, you'll need to start following my new board. Or if you're not on Pintrest, sign-up! 'Cause you're really missing out!

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Here's an example of the delicious things you can see on my "In the Recipe Box" board.
It's a Home Made Mushroom Soup. I tried it. It's AMAZING! You can see the recipe here on Season with Spice. Or see the pin here on Pintrest.

And here's an example of the swell stuff you can see on my "In the Kitchen" board.
Image found on Interior Home Designz. Or here on Pintrest.

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