Saturday, May 5, 2012

blog #500 >> Minecraft Farm & More!

It's true, I've been consumed by the vortex known as Minecraft. I keep on thinking I'll burn myself out with it, but instead I just keep on thinking of bigger and better things to build now that I've gathered enough resources. But since it's been an eternity since I've blogged, and I don't really want MORE Minecraft pics at the top on the page. I'm going to post about a couple of other things first.

One of my current projects, (outside of spending hours on Minecraft) has been creating these vintage bumper stickers for my car Florence. In light of the upcoming election, I thought a political sticker would be fun. And since nobody likes Nixon, and Kennedy is a little too early for my car, I've decided to go with the classic, "LBJ for the USA" sticker from the Lyndon B. Johnson era. I also found these fantastic travel stickers, including the "I was there!" New York World's Fair 1964-65. I can't wait to print them up, and laminate them to some magnet sheets. That way I can switch them out with others when I get tired of them.
Here's an old Rambler that still has the original sticker!

And besides being obsessed with Minecraft, I've been a crazy pinning fool on Pintrest. Ever since Google Reader took away it's sharing feature, Pintrest has been my new stand by for those five minute breaks at work. 500MG file downloading? Let's kill a little time on Pintrest! Here are a few of my favorites from my "In the Closet" board.

Matthew Williamson Lace pearl beaded dress from Polyvore (sold out)
p.s. Polyvore is fun!!!

Rieker Mirjam shoes from Zappos $100
50's Mauve Mohair Cape from Sally Jane Vintage $52

Shoulder garden from Some Girls Wander
(I love this look! I need more flower pins though)
Edith Pinafore from Alice Nightingale $90
(I love everything in this shop!)

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And last but not least, my amazing Minecraft farm. I've spent weeks on this! It's my greatest Minecraft achievement yet!

My Minecraft farm! Complete with green houses, barn, silo, windmill, water
wheel, water tower, automatic wheat farm, automatic sugarcane farm,
animals, and so much more!
Automatic wheat farm and power house.
Inside mechanics of automatic wheat farm.
Storage room in power house.
Barn and silo.
Inside barn.
Water tower to feed water wheel.
Water wheel to feed automatic wheat farm and automatic sugar cane farm.
Windmill... I couldn't figure out how to make it spin, but maybe someday.
And that's pretty much all I've got for now...