Wednesday, December 26, 2007

blog #039 >> Happy Boxing Day
part 7: Thanks!

What I got for Christmas:
And it was a lot... and I'm sorry, I didn't get pictures of everything, but I'm thankful for everything!

blog #038 >> Happy Boxing Day
part 6: The Five Days of Christmas


So eventful, I'll blog about it later.

But while you're waiting for me to write about it you can see what my sister has to say... oh, and you need to watch the video of my niece Miss. Maggie singing. It's very cute!

blog #037 >> Happy Boxing Day
part 5: Timber!

Just a couple of days after I had decorated... well at night really... around 2am... I heard a, "CRASH!" come from the living room... something had fallen. Grogally I wandered from my nice warm bed to see what it was. I was thinking, "I bet it was the wooded card tree. I didn't do a very good job hanging that up. I never was very good with nails." Well, it was a tree but not the card tree it was THE TREE! It fallen completely over: pulled the cord off the wall which knocked the fence from on top of the bookshelf off, it hit the desk, the water spilled out, ruined the gift box I had under the tree, the star got knocked off and about a third of the ordements fell off.
But fortunately I only broke four of them. It was a mess.
Of course I couldn't leave it till morning with all the water leaking out. So as quickly as I could I picked it up and tried to straighten it in it's stand. (I'll add here that I did not put it in the stand to begin with because I knew it would tip if I had.) Well, I was convinced in my foggy mind that the reason it fell was because the screws had dug into the tree trunk. So, I thought, "If I just put some pennies in between the tree trunk and the screws they won't dig in and I can tighten them enough that it will be stable. To say the least, any idea I have at 2am probably isn't the brightest. Well with one had holding up the tree I tried my best to place these little pennies with my other hand in between the screws and the tree. I'd get up to two, and one would fall in I'd tighten the screws and loosen the screws, and when I finally got up to three of the pennies in... I lost my grip and they all fell in. So at this point I decided it needed to wait until morning. I tightened and straightened it as best I could. Then I mopped the water out of the carpet and used the hand vac. (because it is quiet) to vacume up all the broken ordements. (I did get one small shard in my hand.) Then I hung the tree skirt up in the kitchen to dry. And lastly, took all the rest of the ordenments off the tree just in case it fell again. And finally around 4am I when back to bed.
I didn't sleep well to say the least. It's hard to sleep when you know you're going to just get up in about 3 hours and I drempt all night of it falling again.
The next day my dad and mom came over during my lunch break to help me fix it. My dad is always great in an emergency. I think he really likes the excitement. He'd always drive me to work in heavy ice and snow just because he liked to drive in the snow. And I actually think he likes it when the car breaks down and he has to come and get me. Anyhow, I garentee there is no way that tree is falling down again. He weighed the tree stand down with lumps of coal and wired the top of the tree to the ceiling. And my mom helped with the rest of the de-decorating and re-decorating.
...but how am I going to get it down now?

blog #036 >> Happy Boxing Day
part 4: Christmas Crafts

As always, I like to make some of my gifts. I would have blogged about this one sooner, but you never know who might be watching.

This year I made some monogrammed towels for my dad's "new" 60's boat that he's been restoring this winter. The boat's name is Lone Star so of course it needs to say that in the towels that hang in the cabin. But unfortunately I didn't realize how long it took to monogram that many letters into a towel by hand. I guess that's why monograms are usually one or two letters. Oh well, they look great so far even if I had to wrap up the half finished towel and thread.

My other crafty gift of the year was this stuffed Police Box for the neighbors whom I watch Dr. Who with. If you don't really "get" what it is, than sorry, I'm not explaining it. I had to work on it during the office Christmas party, and I got really tired of people asking, "What is that?" And then trying my best to explain exactly why Dr. Who needs a police box, and that it's not really a police box but actually a time machine/spaceship that he needs to travel through space and time. So, if anyone in that office ever had any doubt about how dorky I really am, they know now. But at least I have comfort in knowing that there where others in the office who took one look at it and said, "Hey, you're making a T.A.R.D.I.S. Cool! Watching old British men run from robots shaped like giant salt shakers, now that's quality television." So at least I know I'm not alone.

blog #035 >> Happy Boxing Day
part 3: gnocchi: fun to say, good to eat

I also made gnocchi (potato dumplings) from scratch for the first time ever this month. Well, I used instant mashed potatoes to make them fluffier, so maybe that doesn't entirely count. But they were amazing! Something I will definitely make again. I got the recipe from my favorite site for recipes. I even made an olive oil garlic sauce with fresh basil to go with it.... mmmm..... When I took them to work the next day I was nearly mauled by hungry co-workers.

blog #034 >> Happy Boxing Day
part 2: old felt skirt

Here's a picture of the new skirt I got.
It's still really stained, and it's been attacked by moths. But I still like it.
I'll see if I can get a better photo of it later.

blog #033 >> Happy Boxing Day
part 1: full house

Oh my!
How I've gotten behind on my blogging!
I got so involved with Christmas I forgot to write about it. But now to celebrate Boxing Day, I'm going to finally post about all those things I took pictures of... and forgot to take pictures of. And then I'm going to get pictures of the things I forgot to take pictures of.
Here are the pictures of my cheery home:

I took these pictures on the day of my open house. Well, before everyone came, after they got here I was too busy to take pictures. Everyone came whom I invited and I think the words "full house" would better describe it. Maggie got to play dress-up with all my old hats and jewelry. (I'll try to get a picture of her.) I apologize to everyone who had to sit on the floor! But at least I didn't run out of tea and cookies. Thank you everyone who brought cookies, they were all delicious. I had about six-dozen left over. I ate cookies for dinner that night and breakfast the next morning. Carrie the cranberry muffins were perfect for that! And I took a plate of cookies to each of the neighbors to apologize for the noise. Although they all laughed and said they didn't even notice it. I like my neighbors. And I hope everyone liked my house, I loved having everyone over.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

blog #032 >> A Trip Down Memory Lane is never Lame

Can you guess which one I am?
I only have fond memories of Christmas which is probably why I like it so much now.
A two day celebration with nearly two months anticipation which stretched throughout the year. I even remember playing Christmas in July with a fur bow cut from the back yard for a Christmas tree, decorations of paper snowflakes, pipe cleaner candy canes, Christmas gram cracker cookies with hot chocolate, a real sock for a stocking, and of course then Santa would come when all the lights are out and leave "presents" which were usually old toys rewrapped in newspaper. And even all that was no comparison to the real Christmas which happened on December 25th.
Oh, yes we kept an advent calendar religiously.

What exactly made Christmas so wonderful? EVERYTHING!
After Thanksgiving we'd start decorating and making Christmas cookies. And every year, after I was older, I'd make a gingerbread house. We'd visit friends and neighbors and friends and neighbors would come visit us. We always had cookies and hot chocolate ready when they did. We'd drive though neighborhoods just to look at the Christmas lights. And it seems every year growing up I was Mary in the church Christmas pageant. So I'd practice for that and go to choir rehearsals for the children's choir. And we'd write Christmas cards and send them out. And get a mail box full in return. Christmas mail is fun mail. REAL LETTERS! There's something to be said for a paper hand written note rather than a quick phone call or an email. It says, "Hey, I was thinking of you when I made this card and signed it and addressed it, licked the envelope, stuck the stamp on it, which I paid 32¢ for, and then I was thinking of you when I dropped it in the mail box. And I was thinking of you when it came back because I couldn't remember the current postage rate... and I was thinking of you when I stuck two stamps on it and dropped it in the mail box again. And I know you were thinking of me when you opened your mail box and saw a pretty finely addressed red envelope instead of just bills and junk. And I know you were thinking of me when you taped it to your closet door, or stuck it in your Christmas card basket, or made it into a Christmas card basket." Yes, I wish people would send things in the mail more often. It gives me a reason to remember to get the mail.
Right, tangent sorry... Why Christmas is wonderful, besides the aforementioned.
Well, on Christmas Eve, we'd go to the Christmas Eve service. Then we'd have all the family over or go to Grandma's and open presents from the assorted relatives. And we'd eat snacky types of food: Grandma Ide's German lebkucken, Grandma Rohrer's little pecan pies, crab spread, eggnog, hot chocolate, cream cheese and pumpernickel bread, cheeses mmmmm... cheese, and lots and lots of other foods too. I remember some years we'd sing carols to my mom's piano playing, and other years we'd light the candles on the tree. Yes, candles on the tree. The candle holders were my grandpa's when he was young. And yes, there was a few close calls, I remember once we melted a glittered communion cup bell ornament. But other than that it was relatively safe. And always a sight to see. And then after everyone went home my grandpa would dress up like Santa and come visit. I'm afraid I fell for that bit for a great many years. I was a gullible little thing. But one year I caught my parents filling the stockings when I got up to get a drink of water. Then I knew the truth. But it's fun to believe in Santa anyhow so I figured I play along. So, after Santa promised to come back after we were in bed... well I was in a hurry to get to bed! So we'd put out a letter and a plate of cookies for Santa and some carrots for his reindeer (with an extra big one for Rudolf.) And rush off to bed...
Next morning... IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!
I'd rush out and see what was under the tree and in the stockings. Santa's cookies were reduced to a few crumbs (man, he's a messy eater!) and the carrots were gone! And in the stockings Santa had left apples, oranges, candy canes, chocolates, and a few small toys. Then we'd open the presents from each other and from Santa. After that we'd eat breakfast, hopefully fritters (homemade doughnuts that you dip in a powdered sugar glaze.) And go off to church. After church we'd either go to Christmas dinner at Grandma's house or our house. There we'd all sit down to a nice dinner, the Thanksgiving of Christmas. And after words show off our new toys and play games. And then finally head for home.
And well, that pretty much sums up Christmas growing up.

blog #031 >> Tea with Theresa

This Saturday I am opening my home to basically anyone who can find it. Guests should bring cookies and I'll supply the tea. I'm even going to make my favorite chai tea from scratch. (Thank you Trina for the recipe.) (And yes, I will play the accordion if you ask me. My goal is to learn O Tannenbaum by Christmas.) It started out as a small tea party for just my sisters, my mom and my grandma. But then I realized just how many people have never seen my apartment. And I've lived here almost a year! So, I figured this way everyone will at least have a chance to come and visit. So, my goal this week is to keep the house as clean as possible... So far so good.
Anyhow if you got one of the invitations above in the mail, you're mostly required to come. But if you can't make it Saturday, you can come anytime, any day without an invitation. And if you didn't get an invitation. Come any way.
Saturday, December 15th • 12pm - 6pm

Monday, December 10, 2007

blog #030 >> A plethera of Christmas Cheer

Some nights I look around my apartment with all the tinsel, lights, bobble-head snowmen, felt critters and The Firestone Tire Christmas record playing in the background and think, "Could I have possibly overdone the Christmas décor?" I mean, "Do I really need three Christmas trees in one room?" And "Do I really need a Santa planter stick in every potted plant I own?" and then I stop and think, "Nooooo, you can never have too much Christmas stuff." I mean leaving it up past New Year's and putting it up before Thanksgiving, may be over doing it time wise. But I don't think you can have too much (quantity wise) during the Holiday Season. After all who doesn't love to see a nativity set made entirely from bamboo or a ceramic snowman toothpick holder? I guess I simply love Christmas, and why not show that love by drenching my home in as much gaudy, shiny, kitchy things as humanly possible. And why stop at the living room, when there's so much free shelf space in the kitchen. Yes, I may have had to box up a few dishes, but with three sets, I won't miss a few of them for the month of December. I was however, able to stop myself from spreading my zealous cardboard cutouts and streamers from flowing into the bathroom and bedroom. There must be a limit for sanitys' sake. And my bedroom is also currently hosting the bamboo bookcase-shelf-cupboard thing that used to be were the tree now stands. So it's already reached maximum capacity for stuff. But the other rooms, all two of them, are up for redecorating this month. I have even spread my cheer out onto the front porch with a happy wreath with a big red bow and I stuck holly in the planter where the geraniums were this summer. Over all my home is over the top ready for Christmas. CHEERS!

(pictures are coming)

Friday, December 7, 2007

blog #029 >> I got new glasses

Sorry, but I couldn't get a good photo of myself with the digital. These were my grandma's glasses and I think they look pretty good on me too. They just came today.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

blog #028 >> All I want for Christmas

Part of me thinks, "Hey, I can't write a blog about what I want for Christmas. That's really selfish and kinda rude." But I know if I don't than people will keep on asking, "What do you want for Christmas?" And then I'll forget and not know what to say.
So, I'm writing it all out now.

What I want for Christmas is whatever you happen to give me.
You gave me a mini-crock-pot? (hint) Great, I'll make soups while I'm at work.
You got me a paper shredder? (another hint) Wonderful, a fun way to dispose of unwanted junk mail and unfiled paperwork. That is until it takes off a finger tip... But hey, the risk is part of the fun. Bottom line is, whatever you get me I'll like. I'm not really hard to buy for. There's something either good, useful, or strange in nearly every gift.
Surprise me.

But if surprises isn't really your thing, then here are some less ambiguous ideas:
• red plaid Better Homes and Garden Cookbook (or a collections of recipes you like... quick and easy dinner types of things especially. I'm getting tired of always making the same 20 or so things. I mean yes, I can make great egg flower soup, but I'm ready to try something new.)
• knee high socks (any color, solid striped or argyle)(Trina, you work at Sock Dreams so you've got a lot to choose from, so I'm expecting socks... please! I really like socks I know it's the clique Christmas gift. But I really really do like socks!)
• living room clock (I like that one at Target, unless you see a better.)
• small crock-pot (as hinted above)
• paper shredder (as also hinted above)
• metal T square (Frankie this is a good one for you to get me.)
• old globe (one with East and West Germany is good.)
• an old metal lunch box (I've been looking for one for months, but I'd like one if you can find it.)
• My Book House, 1, 6, 12 (actually any book is good, especially old ones with good illustrations.)
• a new flash drive (a kitchy one shaped like sushi would be cool, but I like the plain ones good too.)
• one of those neat old small electric waffle makers at Mike's (I like Mike's and waffles.)
• shopping cart (the old lady wire type that folds up.)
• mixing bowl set (good will pyrex please.)
• pinking sheers (Jo-Anne's has got 40% off coupons.)
• (if you are under 10) I like pictures make with lots of glitter and cut out construction paper to hang on the frig. and sculptures made from painted rocks and pipe cleaners.
• Harney and Sons tea
• hat, scarf, or gloves (Amy this means you... I'd love a long thin scarf and I know you are the quickest croqueter in the world.) (Trina, I really liked those arm warmers you sell at Sock Dreams. Oh, and those cute leg warmers with the buttons.)
• a calendar (the wall type not the tear the day off type because I always forget to tear the day off and then I forget what day it is and I end up thinking it's June instead of July. I want it for the kitchen door.)
• And a new fry pan, a big one. (The tefflon is falling off my favorite one and I had to throw it out last night.)
• a step stool (so I don't fall while taking down the Christmas decorations.)
• a magnalight flashlight (I realized I only have one small flashlight, and I have to hit it to get it to turn on and off.)
• And I would add a soft boiled egg topper, but Dave and Trina gave me that gift early. Thanks guys! I've already used it and it works great!
• And this is the spot for the stuff I'm forgetting and I'm going to add later.

Happy Holiday Hunting!

And remember why buy something new when you can get it used, with more style and for less... or even better yet... make it yourself!

Although... I don't think you could make a paper shredder yourself... But I'd love to see you try!

Friday, November 30, 2007

blog #027 >> Look what I made!

It's a Computer Voodoo Doll!

Does your computer ever crash? Does your computer turn itself off for no apparent reason? Does your computer ever randomly rename files or folders Superdays? Do you hate your computer? Is your computer always trying to make your life miserable? Take revenge! with your very own Computer Voodoo Doll! It may not make you menacing computer better, but hey, it won't make it any worse either. And after sticking a half dozen pins through your Computer Voodoo Doll's screen; you're guaranteed to feel better about your piece of junk technology. Try one today!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

blog #026 >>Halloween

It was a wonderful party where we made cupcakes, ate lots of food, and watched "Dr. Who" and "Dracula."

Thursday, October 11, 2007

blog #025 >> Just about the best band ever.

Everyone seems to tell me they're too "Indy" and trendy... but I wouldn't care if everyone said they were crazy and lousy, I still think they are about the best band ever. I can't think of any particular reason why. But I have listened to their latest ablum eighty-four times in two weeks. And some time if you haven't already, you need to hear me play this song on my accordion. I'm much getting better.
Oh, and you should watch these clips too.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

blog #024 >> I'm no longer podless!!!

I'm so excited! Safeway's the best store ever!!!
Today was there grand reopening sale, and I was the right number in line.
And I almost got out of line to get the gallon of milk I forgot. But then I thought... I'm probably forgetting something else too, and I can't carry all my groceries home with the gallon of milk. So, I'll just pick it up tomorrow or on Monday. I'm so glad I didn't get out of line! I'm such a dork, I've been listening to it all day through headphones even though I have Lappy hooked up to the speakers. And the ear buds won't stay in my ears because I'm smiling so much!
I love my iPod! I love Safeway!
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

Monday, September 17, 2007

blog #023 >> vacation pics

Written content pending. (but I did include captions.)
And I must confess my sister took way better pictures:

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

blog #022 >> I've been tagged.

Apparently, I've been tagged. I'm not exactly sure what the details entail. But by observing the others that have been tagged before me, I have concluded that it must involve this reoccurring list of 7-10 odd or unique things about yourself. And then letting other people know... which I probably won't be doing. Well, anyhow here's a list for your enjoyment.

1: I don't like to wear socks... unless it's really cold and the socks are knee high.

2: I love to wash dishes... even still after all these months of washing dishes by hand, I love it. I think it's the warm water, which would also explain the forty-five minute morning showers. It's like hitting the snooze only better. It's a good thing hot water is included in the rent, or I'd be broke. I single handedly use more than a family of eight.

3: I wish I had been born fifty years earlier. They had such stylish clothing and glasses, better television, cooler cars. And I wouldn't ever have to curse at the fax machine or be laughed at for typing a letter again.

4: When I get stressed I need to walk. And if I can't go anywhere, I just pace. I know I say I need coffee, but notice I don't go to the coffee shop around the corner. Nope, I go to the other one about twelve blocks down. And note, I rarely get coffee. Last time I was really stressed, I walked all the way to Pix on Division. I felt a lot better when I got back, and I think the chocolate tort helped as well.

5: I've always had curly hair, and when I was little I hated it. I can't imagine what I would look like now without it. But when I was six, I would have gladly traded it. I cried every time I had to brush it. I also hated it when people would come up to me and pull it to watch it spring back up. Surprisingly, people (even strangers) still do this. And not surprisingly I still find it annoying. Last week Maggie, (my three year old niece) was trying to "straighten" my hair. She obviously had no luck in her endeavors, but I didn't really mind her playing with my hair. She's three. For everyone else... please don't pull my hair.

6: I almost always have a rock in my pocket... and hence in my laundry.

7: Is a list within a list. This is a list of 10 no 11, things I love:
a: My family, all of them and just the way they are.
b: My friends, for all their quirky strangeness.
c: My apartment, from all my odds and ends to the wonderful neighbors.
d: My jobs, although I complain a lot about them, and with reason. I still find I love them at the end of the month.
e: A cup of tea and a book in my favorite chair... and books in general.
f: Playing the accordion.
g: Washing dishes, anything involving hot water.
h: Sleeping, dreaming.
i: Looking for things, from pretty rocks and distant stars to junk store finds and hidden treasure.
j: Making pretty little things, and fixing things I think can't be fixed.
k: This is the spot I'm saving for everything I didn't list, because there is too much.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

blog #021 >> a strange lunch

Today I had the honor of eating lunch with Daniel Boone's' daughter.
No, lie... At least that's what she claimed and she looked old enough to be telling the truth.
Anyhow, today after I finished the paper I realized (as always) "Hey, I'm really hungry." I was driving by Two Brothers on 39th and Belmont (if you've never been there it's a very good restaurant with Balkan food. Thanks Dave and Trina for telling me about it.) And decided to stop for a quick, but late lunch. Well, I walk in the door and sit down at a table to wait for the waiter when a little old lady comes in and sits down across from me. So the waiter being confused asks if we're together. Moments before I had told him it was just me for lunch today. So I shook my head no, shrugged my shoulders and whispered, "no." But the little old lady either didn't notice or ignored us and asked to order some soup. I told him it was fine and I'd pick up her soup.
And that's how I came to have lunch with Daniel Boone's daughter. She was very sociable, and quite funny but must have had Alzheimer's Disease because she had a hard time remembering anything after World War II... Which she talked about a lot. I let her do most of the talking. She lived by herself which I gathered from her story of falling out of her kitchen chair. And she was married and only had one child... I think... which I could gather no additional information on. I was trying to get her to drop a name of a relative I could call to come claim their grandma. But no luck.
Apparently she came to Portland during her "Mid-School" years from England. Which I find very likely due to her perfect manners, green eyes and light complexion. She even knew how to eat soup properly by lifting the spoon away from you. Which she didn't mention, but I did pick up on.
During World War II she worked as an "engineer" designing light-weight sleeping bags and tents for paratroopers... "who were invading Alaska?" I also learned the difference between down and feathers. She also said that Oregon is the greatest country in the United States of America. And mentioned that all a restaurant needs is a good bowl of soup. She ate hers pretty quickly.
Just before she sat down she mentioned something about Fred Myers. Which is just two bus stops down from the restaurant. That explains how she got there. So I asked her again if she was trying to get to Fred Myers. And I think she answered yes, it was a bit choppy. So, I took her to the bus stop and watched her get on the bus. As it happens traffic was bad and I got stuck behind the same bus. Fortunately I saw her after the bus had pulled off in front of Fred Myers talking to a lady with a cell phone. It seems she found a new friend. Now I just hope she makes it back home.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

blog #020 >> See what I made?

Thank you Ready Made Magazine for this great idea.
They're my new computer speakers! Disguised as an old radio.
Simply gut an old radio and stick you new computer speakers inside.
Does it sound great? No, not really. It sounds like an old radio.
Do I care? NO, not at all. Form before function... well, just so long as it's got some function left.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

blog #019 >> even more photos

Oh yes, and above is only a small portion of the photos taken. Here's a slide show comprised of around half of them. And it's still an overwhelmingly huge sum of photos to take in:

Monday, June 11, 2007

blog #018 >> getting to know the neighbors

Well, this one was a long time is getting up. Now it's practically ancient history; it's passed into ledgend. Everyone seems to know this story even if I've never told them. But just in case you've only heard it through the grapevine. My version is as follows:
Dave and Trina (my neighbors and two excellent generous and noble friends) don't like the heat. During these lovely sunny exuberantly/balmy days they prefer to hide in the comfort of a cool air-condioned room. They decided that their old air conditioner was not longer providing the refreshingly frigid tempature they desired. So my wonderful gracious neighbors offered me they're old air-condioner. I happily accepted, and asked them to leave it by the door.
Well... I got home and much to my surprise they had put it in the window. I thought, "Great! It's even in the window." So I went to turn it on... and nothing happened. After I quick investigation I realized, "Ah Ha! It's just not plugged in." I go to plug it in only... wait there's no outlet. Not even close. After a moment of contemplation to consider what should be done. It hits me, "I can't get online with the AC in this window." Well, if you know me at all than you should know. I am simply addicted to the internet. I can't even go a couple of hours without it... "How will I contact the outside world?" "How many e-mails will I miss?" It had to be moved. Yes, it was past midnight. But it was also production week and I needed to know what time to show up to work the next day, by e-mail. So... in my tired mind, moving seemed to be a viable option.
Now I realize these things are probably over half my body weight. But that particular window is level with my desk. I worked it all out in my mind. And it worked so perfectly. I got to work. I cleared off my desk and opened the window, stuck my head out to pull it in... and, "Snap!" the window breaks... It comes down and traps me between the window and the AC... the runner broke and it would only go down and not up. As I was trying to escape and wiggle myself out... I lost my holding on the AC and it falls from my second story apartment... Only I catch it by the tip of the cord. So, I'm still stuck in the window, but now I'm holding a fifty pound air conditioner by the cord. Well, I try my best to pull it up, but let's face it I'm not all that strong. As I'm debating what I will crush if I let it go... one of my other neighbors who was out having a smoke comes up and asks if I needed some help. "Yes!" Is the obvious answer. So, I let it slip gently though my hands and she was remarkably able to catch it! Once I was free of the air conditioner I was able to fiddle with the window and get myself out. Anyhow, after I was unstuck, I went down and my neighbor helped me carry it back up to the apartment.
Then after the adrenaline wore down I looked down at my hands and I had the worst rope burn I've ever had in my life. I ran and but my hands in some cold water and when I dried them off the whole first layer of skin came off too. After getting some frozen peas from the freezer, I really couldn't sleep. And I hear from my open window my neighbor relaying the story to her husband. So, I went out and sat with them and my peas for awhile. It made a very nice fan stand while I waited for someone to help me put it in the other window.
And remarkably it still works and now it is sitting happily in the right window... by an outlet.

Moral of the story: When moving an air conditioner use the buddy system.

blog #017 >> the accordion and i

Yes, I play the accordion... or at least play with an accordion.
Then one day I thought, "I should document this memorable moment." How would anyone believe that I play the accordion if no one is around when I play it? (And they're the fortunate ones.) Of course the answer is simple, take a picture. That way they can see me play without the pain of actually listening. Perfect! But it's not simple to take a picture of yourself playing the accordion. So, I employed Dave and Trina for the difficult task. (Thanks guys!) Armed with ear muffs... well no not exactly... we left for the park. You see, if your going to take pictures with an old accordion, you need to use an old camera. And if you're going to use an old camera, then you need to be outside. And if you're going to be outside taking pictures, then you need to be at a park. So, off to Laurelhurst Park we went. Three of us and a fairly large accordion all packed neatly into little Sophie, the sea-foam green VW Beetle. It was a beautiful day, but I had forgotten, it was Memorial Day weekend. And there where quite a few people at the park. And for some odd reason, when people see someone with a red accordion in a park, they kinda expect them to play it. I did my best without music, but I'm truly just below mediocre in skill. Well if anything, I looked great, and we got a lot of killer photos to send Grandma. (Not that I want to kill Grandma... it's just a figure of speech.) See below for a small sampling.

I was sort of going for the classic mistake box look. For those of you who don't know what a mistake box is... Growing up my mom always put all the family photos in albums, but the ones that didn't turn out or that she had doubles of went into the mistake box. These photos were later used for crafts or cutting up and putting in necklaces or whatever. It was always fun to search through the box for the really strange ones, some were blown out, or people turned at just the wrong time, or someone's head would be cut off, or someone would walk in front of the camera, or you'd just see a picture of feet. I always liked them. Anyhow I think these would have been some of the best in the box.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

blog #016 >> a new bike

If I haven't mentioned it before... I am saying it now. Craig's List ROCKS!
I got this old yellow Schwinn bike FOR FREE! on Craig's List.
It came from a very nice lady in NE Portland who was cleaning out her garage.
And all it needs is new tires, new tubes, a new pedal, new brake wires, a new chain, and possibly new wheels and new handle bars... so that's practically nothing! It's a three speed with a very handy basket on the back, which I plan on painting blue. It should be ridable in... oh, a year or so.
But for FREE how could I go wrong. I already started fixing it up and getting the rust off. I used a box and a half of S.O.S. pads and worn out a bucket. You can see how much shinier the front fender is compared to the back, and see the now bright yellow frame.
Now all I need to do is remember how to ride one of these things. I haven't ridden a bike since I was sixteen and still have scars from that time. Oh, it also needs a helmet.

blog #015 >> i lost a friend

Today I lost a friend.
He was a good companion, always there for me and I always knew where to find him. We had so many nice evenings together drinking tea and reading. He was so comforting on those long nights when I was working late. But I'm sorry to say he's broken now and there was little hope in fixing him.
I'm afraid I have no one to blame but myself for the incident. He fell (actually I dropped him) and he shattered in the sink. Tragically both cup and saucer broke into bits (well in half). And, since there were missing pieces, (that fell down the drain) all the kings horses or all the kings men could put him back together again.
Now there is an empty space in my cupboard, (as well as my heart).
So long my fine friend.
You will be missed.

Monday, March 19, 2007

blog #014 >>The Old Sites

Please don't judge my skill as a graphic designer by these sites. I haven't updated them since before I graduated from school. They said it was extra credit to add flash... so I added flash, flashy flash, and perhaps overdid it just a bit. Also, I don't ever remember checking the spelling on the Calligraphy one, so apologies and let me know if you catch anything. Oh, and they only work on days that end in any letter other than "y" so don't be surprised if the type scrolls off the page or if you see weird flashes of light. It's perfectly normal... for my coding. Can't wait to finish the new site!
(Don't even bother trying the links. I have disactivated them until the new site is finished.)

blog #013 >> new website's banner

Just so long as I'm posting stuff...
Here's the banner to my new website, which has been long in the making. It seems I only have time to work on it when I'm not working. Which means, it may take a few more months to get up and running.

yet another of my many blogspot complaints... it looked so much better before blogspot resized it! Stupid Blogspot.

blog #012 >>online sketch book

I hope this works...

blog #011 >>new apartment photos

Hello all,
I realize that this is really late in coming being that I moved over a month ago. But I've been really REALLY busy. However, due to a fortunate turn of events, I was able to pull some strings and make some calls and have this Saturday off. Yeah! Only now I have no idea what I should do with myself. I've been working on the weekends so long I've forgotten how to take a day off. So, I thought I'd use this hard earned day to finally post my apartment photos and send out my change of address cards.
Therefore for those of you who have never seen my apartment welcome:

This is my desk... and in the bottom corner you can see my accordion. Yes, I am learning to play the accordion! My dad played when he was a kid and we found his old accordions while cleaning out the attic after I moved. Right now I am slightly above awful, but I am getting better. And the neighbors haven't complained yet so I'll take that as a positive sign. This is "Little Silver" the student accordion, (it has the delightful scent of old books when I play it.) And when I get better I get to upgrade to "Big Red" the big accordion... can't wait.

A picture of stuff on my desk.

Being that I am petless, allergic to cats, not enough time for a dog, and I tend to kill fish (and shrimp.) I decided to get some plants, much easier, just add water and sunshine kind of pets. And of course all pets need names so these are: Gus (far back) Adeline (middle) and Vinnie (front) he's a venus fly trap. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I only fed him once and felt so bad for the fly that I haven't fed him since. (It's okay venus fly traps only need to eat twice a year... which I learned from this wonderful website:

The living room: This is less than a third of the rattan furniture. I inherited all of it from my grandparents... and they had a lot.

More furniture and the amazing fish light.

Ah, the bookshelves, whom I have Grandma Ide to thank. For without her it'd be cinder blocks and planks of wood... oh, and I suppose I should give IKEA some credit too.

Books on a bookshelf:

More books:

You're now entering the kitchen...

The kitchen, it's hard to see but its got really cute tile.

Before I moved I'd go to Goodwill (and around) buy stuff for the apartment, and box them up. Little did I realize that I had accumulated three sets of dishes, at least seven sets of glasses, and over 100 mugs and tea cups. I donated a bunch of them to the "A Fox, A Rose" coffee shop fund.

More dishes.

The kitchen shelf.

Ah, yes the water closet, just don't get locked in.

The magnets on my filing cabinet in the hall.

It's what I've always wanted... a coat closet.

Well, I have more photos, and I realize I didn't post any of my bedroom yet. But I haven't hung up any of the pictures in there yet. So, another day perhaps... if fate allows.
But really if you want to see more of my apartment than you'll just have to come visit me.
Until the next Saturday I happen to have off.

blog #010 >> a brownie hawkeye
is not a dessert

I must admit that although I like to play with cameras... I am a not a photographer. Even though I have a fairly good eye for composition, the art of lighting still seems to allude me. However, I do have a delightful little camera, (called a brownie hawkeye) that can take a lovely picture... just so long as you are outside, at two-o'clock, on a slightly overcast day, with your back to the sun, and are taking a picture of something that already has pretty high contrast. This camera has taught me more about lighting in a week, than I've ever bothered to learn in a year. We're the perfect match.

I got my camera, (that once belonged to my grandma) from a box in the attic. Took it to Blue Moon Camera, (in St. Johns across from the newspaper office/tattoo parlor/skateshop) and they got it all fixed up with film, and the correct spools, and taught me how to use it for just seven something... I forgot the actual price, but it was well worth the cost. It was kinda a pain, because it takes 160 film and Kodak only makes 120. But that's okay, because at Blue Moon Camera they actually respool 120 film onto 160 spools. If you have an old camera go there. They rock. Hard. In fact, here's their website:

Unfortunately, this was the practice roll, and a few of my pictures didn't make it. Between me dropping it and exposing all the pictures, (which luckily happen at night, but unluckily under a street light) and my nephew not knowing there was film in it and running around the house clicking, it was remarkable that there was anything on it at all. Over all it did take some photoshop magic to get them presentable, but not too much considering that I took them. I like to think of them as artsy,
not crummy.

Well, enough of me writing everything that is rambling in my brain and which no one really wants to read. Here are the
nine survivors.

Yes, I know the contrast and lighting... is really really bad...
but it is the practice roll, after all.