Monday, December 10, 2007

blog #030 >> A plethera of Christmas Cheer

Some nights I look around my apartment with all the tinsel, lights, bobble-head snowmen, felt critters and The Firestone Tire Christmas record playing in the background and think, "Could I have possibly overdone the Christmas décor?" I mean, "Do I really need three Christmas trees in one room?" And "Do I really need a Santa planter stick in every potted plant I own?" and then I stop and think, "Nooooo, you can never have too much Christmas stuff." I mean leaving it up past New Year's and putting it up before Thanksgiving, may be over doing it time wise. But I don't think you can have too much (quantity wise) during the Holiday Season. After all who doesn't love to see a nativity set made entirely from bamboo or a ceramic snowman toothpick holder? I guess I simply love Christmas, and why not show that love by drenching my home in as much gaudy, shiny, kitchy things as humanly possible. And why stop at the living room, when there's so much free shelf space in the kitchen. Yes, I may have had to box up a few dishes, but with three sets, I won't miss a few of them for the month of December. I was however, able to stop myself from spreading my zealous cardboard cutouts and streamers from flowing into the bathroom and bedroom. There must be a limit for sanitys' sake. And my bedroom is also currently hosting the bamboo bookcase-shelf-cupboard thing that used to be were the tree now stands. So it's already reached maximum capacity for stuff. But the other rooms, all two of them, are up for redecorating this month. I have even spread my cheer out onto the front porch with a happy wreath with a big red bow and I stuck holly in the planter where the geraniums were this summer. Over all my home is over the top ready for Christmas. CHEERS!

(pictures are coming)

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