Wednesday, December 26, 2007

blog #037 >> Happy Boxing Day
part 5: Timber!

Just a couple of days after I had decorated... well at night really... around 2am... I heard a, "CRASH!" come from the living room... something had fallen. Grogally I wandered from my nice warm bed to see what it was. I was thinking, "I bet it was the wooded card tree. I didn't do a very good job hanging that up. I never was very good with nails." Well, it was a tree but not the card tree it was THE TREE! It fallen completely over: pulled the cord off the wall which knocked the fence from on top of the bookshelf off, it hit the desk, the water spilled out, ruined the gift box I had under the tree, the star got knocked off and about a third of the ordements fell off.
But fortunately I only broke four of them. It was a mess.
Of course I couldn't leave it till morning with all the water leaking out. So as quickly as I could I picked it up and tried to straighten it in it's stand. (I'll add here that I did not put it in the stand to begin with because I knew it would tip if I had.) Well, I was convinced in my foggy mind that the reason it fell was because the screws had dug into the tree trunk. So, I thought, "If I just put some pennies in between the tree trunk and the screws they won't dig in and I can tighten them enough that it will be stable. To say the least, any idea I have at 2am probably isn't the brightest. Well with one had holding up the tree I tried my best to place these little pennies with my other hand in between the screws and the tree. I'd get up to two, and one would fall in I'd tighten the screws and loosen the screws, and when I finally got up to three of the pennies in... I lost my grip and they all fell in. So at this point I decided it needed to wait until morning. I tightened and straightened it as best I could. Then I mopped the water out of the carpet and used the hand vac. (because it is quiet) to vacume up all the broken ordements. (I did get one small shard in my hand.) Then I hung the tree skirt up in the kitchen to dry. And lastly, took all the rest of the ordenments off the tree just in case it fell again. And finally around 4am I when back to bed.
I didn't sleep well to say the least. It's hard to sleep when you know you're going to just get up in about 3 hours and I drempt all night of it falling again.
The next day my dad and mom came over during my lunch break to help me fix it. My dad is always great in an emergency. I think he really likes the excitement. He'd always drive me to work in heavy ice and snow just because he liked to drive in the snow. And I actually think he likes it when the car breaks down and he has to come and get me. Anyhow, I garentee there is no way that tree is falling down again. He weighed the tree stand down with lumps of coal and wired the top of the tree to the ceiling. And my mom helped with the rest of the de-decorating and re-decorating.
...but how am I going to get it down now?

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Leingang Family said...

I didn't know your tree fell. Glad you got it fixed.