Thursday, December 6, 2007

blog #028 >> All I want for Christmas

Part of me thinks, "Hey, I can't write a blog about what I want for Christmas. That's really selfish and kinda rude." But I know if I don't than people will keep on asking, "What do you want for Christmas?" And then I'll forget and not know what to say.
So, I'm writing it all out now.

What I want for Christmas is whatever you happen to give me.
You gave me a mini-crock-pot? (hint) Great, I'll make soups while I'm at work.
You got me a paper shredder? (another hint) Wonderful, a fun way to dispose of unwanted junk mail and unfiled paperwork. That is until it takes off a finger tip... But hey, the risk is part of the fun. Bottom line is, whatever you get me I'll like. I'm not really hard to buy for. There's something either good, useful, or strange in nearly every gift.
Surprise me.

But if surprises isn't really your thing, then here are some less ambiguous ideas:
• red plaid Better Homes and Garden Cookbook (or a collections of recipes you like... quick and easy dinner types of things especially. I'm getting tired of always making the same 20 or so things. I mean yes, I can make great egg flower soup, but I'm ready to try something new.)
• knee high socks (any color, solid striped or argyle)(Trina, you work at Sock Dreams so you've got a lot to choose from, so I'm expecting socks... please! I really like socks I know it's the clique Christmas gift. But I really really do like socks!)
• living room clock (I like that one at Target, unless you see a better.)
• small crock-pot (as hinted above)
• paper shredder (as also hinted above)
• metal T square (Frankie this is a good one for you to get me.)
• old globe (one with East and West Germany is good.)
• an old metal lunch box (I've been looking for one for months, but I'd like one if you can find it.)
• My Book House, 1, 6, 12 (actually any book is good, especially old ones with good illustrations.)
• a new flash drive (a kitchy one shaped like sushi would be cool, but I like the plain ones good too.)
• one of those neat old small electric waffle makers at Mike's (I like Mike's and waffles.)
• shopping cart (the old lady wire type that folds up.)
• mixing bowl set (good will pyrex please.)
• pinking sheers (Jo-Anne's has got 40% off coupons.)
• (if you are under 10) I like pictures make with lots of glitter and cut out construction paper to hang on the frig. and sculptures made from painted rocks and pipe cleaners.
• Harney and Sons tea
• hat, scarf, or gloves (Amy this means you... I'd love a long thin scarf and I know you are the quickest croqueter in the world.) (Trina, I really liked those arm warmers you sell at Sock Dreams. Oh, and those cute leg warmers with the buttons.)
• a calendar (the wall type not the tear the day off type because I always forget to tear the day off and then I forget what day it is and I end up thinking it's June instead of July. I want it for the kitchen door.)
• And a new fry pan, a big one. (The tefflon is falling off my favorite one and I had to throw it out last night.)
• a step stool (so I don't fall while taking down the Christmas decorations.)
• a magnalight flashlight (I realized I only have one small flashlight, and I have to hit it to get it to turn on and off.)
• And I would add a soft boiled egg topper, but Dave and Trina gave me that gift early. Thanks guys! I've already used it and it works great!
• And this is the spot for the stuff I'm forgetting and I'm going to add later.

Happy Holiday Hunting!

And remember why buy something new when you can get it used, with more style and for less... or even better yet... make it yourself!

Although... I don't think you could make a paper shredder yourself... But I'd love to see you try!

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