Wednesday, September 12, 2007

blog #022 >> I've been tagged.

Apparently, I've been tagged. I'm not exactly sure what the details entail. But by observing the others that have been tagged before me, I have concluded that it must involve this reoccurring list of 7-10 odd or unique things about yourself. And then letting other people know... which I probably won't be doing. Well, anyhow here's a list for your enjoyment.

1: I don't like to wear socks... unless it's really cold and the socks are knee high.

2: I love to wash dishes... even still after all these months of washing dishes by hand, I love it. I think it's the warm water, which would also explain the forty-five minute morning showers. It's like hitting the snooze only better. It's a good thing hot water is included in the rent, or I'd be broke. I single handedly use more than a family of eight.

3: I wish I had been born fifty years earlier. They had such stylish clothing and glasses, better television, cooler cars. And I wouldn't ever have to curse at the fax machine or be laughed at for typing a letter again.

4: When I get stressed I need to walk. And if I can't go anywhere, I just pace. I know I say I need coffee, but notice I don't go to the coffee shop around the corner. Nope, I go to the other one about twelve blocks down. And note, I rarely get coffee. Last time I was really stressed, I walked all the way to Pix on Division. I felt a lot better when I got back, and I think the chocolate tort helped as well.

5: I've always had curly hair, and when I was little I hated it. I can't imagine what I would look like now without it. But when I was six, I would have gladly traded it. I cried every time I had to brush it. I also hated it when people would come up to me and pull it to watch it spring back up. Surprisingly, people (even strangers) still do this. And not surprisingly I still find it annoying. Last week Maggie, (my three year old niece) was trying to "straighten" my hair. She obviously had no luck in her endeavors, but I didn't really mind her playing with my hair. She's three. For everyone else... please don't pull my hair.

6: I almost always have a rock in my pocket... and hence in my laundry.

7: Is a list within a list. This is a list of 10 no 11, things I love:
a: My family, all of them and just the way they are.
b: My friends, for all their quirky strangeness.
c: My apartment, from all my odds and ends to the wonderful neighbors.
d: My jobs, although I complain a lot about them, and with reason. I still find I love them at the end of the month.
e: A cup of tea and a book in my favorite chair... and books in general.
f: Playing the accordion.
g: Washing dishes, anything involving hot water.
h: Sleeping, dreaming.
i: Looking for things, from pretty rocks and distant stars to junk store finds and hidden treasure.
j: Making pretty little things, and fixing things I think can't be fixed.
k: This is the spot I'm saving for everything I didn't list, because there is too much.


Leingangs said...

The rock in the pocket thing, Will could have that on his list, too.

And chocolate torte can fix almost anything. :0)

I liked reading your list. It was fun!

Anonymous said...

i forgot to tell you how much i love this post. I am fighting a migraine right now and this post made me all happy and forget about it for a few minutes. i wanna craft and create tomorrow and drink tea with you tomorrow if you are free. :)