Monday, March 19, 2007

blog #011 >>new apartment photos

Hello all,
I realize that this is really late in coming being that I moved over a month ago. But I've been really REALLY busy. However, due to a fortunate turn of events, I was able to pull some strings and make some calls and have this Saturday off. Yeah! Only now I have no idea what I should do with myself. I've been working on the weekends so long I've forgotten how to take a day off. So, I thought I'd use this hard earned day to finally post my apartment photos and send out my change of address cards.
Therefore for those of you who have never seen my apartment welcome:

This is my desk... and in the bottom corner you can see my accordion. Yes, I am learning to play the accordion! My dad played when he was a kid and we found his old accordions while cleaning out the attic after I moved. Right now I am slightly above awful, but I am getting better. And the neighbors haven't complained yet so I'll take that as a positive sign. This is "Little Silver" the student accordion, (it has the delightful scent of old books when I play it.) And when I get better I get to upgrade to "Big Red" the big accordion... can't wait.

A picture of stuff on my desk.

Being that I am petless, allergic to cats, not enough time for a dog, and I tend to kill fish (and shrimp.) I decided to get some plants, much easier, just add water and sunshine kind of pets. And of course all pets need names so these are: Gus (far back) Adeline (middle) and Vinnie (front) he's a venus fly trap. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I only fed him once and felt so bad for the fly that I haven't fed him since. (It's okay venus fly traps only need to eat twice a year... which I learned from this wonderful website:

The living room: This is less than a third of the rattan furniture. I inherited all of it from my grandparents... and they had a lot.

More furniture and the amazing fish light.

Ah, the bookshelves, whom I have Grandma Ide to thank. For without her it'd be cinder blocks and planks of wood... oh, and I suppose I should give IKEA some credit too.

Books on a bookshelf:

More books:

You're now entering the kitchen...

The kitchen, it's hard to see but its got really cute tile.

Before I moved I'd go to Goodwill (and around) buy stuff for the apartment, and box them up. Little did I realize that I had accumulated three sets of dishes, at least seven sets of glasses, and over 100 mugs and tea cups. I donated a bunch of them to the "A Fox, A Rose" coffee shop fund.

More dishes.

The kitchen shelf.

Ah, yes the water closet, just don't get locked in.

The magnets on my filing cabinet in the hall.

It's what I've always wanted... a coat closet.

Well, I have more photos, and I realize I didn't post any of my bedroom yet. But I haven't hung up any of the pictures in there yet. So, another day perhaps... if fate allows.
But really if you want to see more of my apartment than you'll just have to come visit me.
Until the next Saturday I happen to have off.


Leingang Family said...

I LOVE your apartment! Sorry you don't like blogspot. I guess it really is for computer novices and not for professionals like you.

Theresa Rohrer said...

That's not true, lots and LOTS of people even professionals like BlogSpot. For me it just personal preference. I don't like being in the BlogSpot box. It's lame. Lot's of people like the box. It's organized, easy, safe, clean, user friendly... but I want something better than a box. I want to be able to make a 6” photo instead of a 5”. Or create a new paragraph in my profile. I want to able to use more than 1200 characters. Or arrange my blogs alphabetically instead of chronologically. In MySpace, I may not know how to code all these things... but it's comforting to know I can whip out everything on that page and write in my own code and make something entirely different. And you know I'll try. I can change table width or color anywhere.
However, I don't miss the cliqueiness of MySpace. It really does encourage a sort of grouping together which really is sad. And I like that anyone can comment on a BlogSpot blog. Someday, I'll just attach a blog to my portfolio site. Then, I won't have to complain anymore. But until that day, I’m stuck with a blogger.

Theresa Rohrer said...

Sorry that's like the length of a blog.

Anonymous said...

oh little gus in his glory days. and have i mentioned i love your kitchen?