Monday, March 19, 2007

blog #002 >>What have I done.

I can't believe I started this! I have opened Pandora's box. I always said, "I'll never start a blog!" "I don't have time for one." "I hate writing, I'll never keep it up." "It's too trendy..." Yet sure enough, here I am typing away... And actually enjoying it!

It all started when I wanted to subscribe to Trina's blog, and next thing I know, I have an account. "So okay," I said, "I'll just keep it and not write in it, no problem." But, who wants that gray sticky, person for a thumbnail... So I loaded a photo, but I couldn't stop there. Then I thought, "While I'm here I might as well change the colors." And then I noticed it, the background image box in all its glory. It all exploded from there. Next thing I know I'm as busy as a bee typing merrily away.

So, I guess I'll keep on posting. It is a great place to write all those rambling things that travel through my brain, but could never say because I'd put people to sleep with my
pointless... points?

Anyhow, I hope no one wakes up with keyboard marks on their cheeks after reading this.

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