Monday, March 19, 2007

blog #004 >>Fishy Fiasco

Who would have guessed that shrimp are such difficult animals to keep alive... Meet Boris (the wimpy shrimpy) he's cool, he's blue... and unfortunately dead.
Yes, Boris was with us only for a very short while, before swimming to that great ocean in the sky. The problem was that Boris wouldn't eat, (well at least part of the problem). Whenever I fed him, either his wafers or brine shrimp, (and yes Boris was a cannibal, ) he would just hide it under a shell in his bowl. This morning I regret to say that Boris passed away.
However, Petco has an excellent return policy, and now Boris II has the fish bowl all to himself. I have added new clarification drops, and spent the day looking up shrimp care on the web. A most helpful post was here "Why are my shrimp dying? by Mustafa Ucozler." This guy is a genius. Who knew the dangers of filling your fish tank with hot tap water... he did. This time, I will be much more prepared on how to keep care of this
swell shrimp.
And if I kill a few more, I'm inviting everyone over for
coconut prawns.
(but he's not a lobster)

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