Monday, March 19, 2007

blog #006 >>Herbert the Monster:
a silly poem I wrote

Herbert the monster would eat only trees,
But that's okay, 'cause they came up to his knees.

His mother once said he would grow big and strong...
(Following her advice he could never go wrong.)

...He should eat broccoli; and no small amount.
So he ate "little trees" far beyond count.

He grew and he grew 'til his head reached the sky,
His teeth were like chain saws, his mouth opened wide.

He ate and he ate all around town,
All up the mountain, and then back down.

Stomping the ground as he went with his feet,
He started to make what looked like a street.

Then he saw it... the greatest forest of all,
The tress were all, green, juicy, and tall.

He got right to work, it took him all day,
And behind him he left what's called a freeway.(monster designed by Lynda Lye, to download your own monster wallpaper go to, and to see more of her really awesome designs go to

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