Monday, March 19, 2007

blog #010 >> a brownie hawkeye
is not a dessert

I must admit that although I like to play with cameras... I am a not a photographer. Even though I have a fairly good eye for composition, the art of lighting still seems to allude me. However, I do have a delightful little camera, (called a brownie hawkeye) that can take a lovely picture... just so long as you are outside, at two-o'clock, on a slightly overcast day, with your back to the sun, and are taking a picture of something that already has pretty high contrast. This camera has taught me more about lighting in a week, than I've ever bothered to learn in a year. We're the perfect match.

I got my camera, (that once belonged to my grandma) from a box in the attic. Took it to Blue Moon Camera, (in St. Johns across from the newspaper office/tattoo parlor/skateshop) and they got it all fixed up with film, and the correct spools, and taught me how to use it for just seven something... I forgot the actual price, but it was well worth the cost. It was kinda a pain, because it takes 160 film and Kodak only makes 120. But that's okay, because at Blue Moon Camera they actually respool 120 film onto 160 spools. If you have an old camera go there. They rock. Hard. In fact, here's their website:

Unfortunately, this was the practice roll, and a few of my pictures didn't make it. Between me dropping it and exposing all the pictures, (which luckily happen at night, but unluckily under a street light) and my nephew not knowing there was film in it and running around the house clicking, it was remarkable that there was anything on it at all. Over all it did take some photoshop magic to get them presentable, but not too much considering that I took them. I like to think of them as artsy,
not crummy.

Well, enough of me writing everything that is rambling in my brain and which no one really wants to read. Here are the
nine survivors.

Yes, I know the contrast and lighting... is really really bad...
but it is the practice roll, after all.

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