Monday, June 11, 2007

blog #017 >> the accordion and i

Yes, I play the accordion... or at least play with an accordion.
Then one day I thought, "I should document this memorable moment." How would anyone believe that I play the accordion if no one is around when I play it? (And they're the fortunate ones.) Of course the answer is simple, take a picture. That way they can see me play without the pain of actually listening. Perfect! But it's not simple to take a picture of yourself playing the accordion. So, I employed Dave and Trina for the difficult task. (Thanks guys!) Armed with ear muffs... well no not exactly... we left for the park. You see, if your going to take pictures with an old accordion, you need to use an old camera. And if you're going to use an old camera, then you need to be outside. And if you're going to be outside taking pictures, then you need to be at a park. So, off to Laurelhurst Park we went. Three of us and a fairly large accordion all packed neatly into little Sophie, the sea-foam green VW Beetle. It was a beautiful day, but I had forgotten, it was Memorial Day weekend. And there where quite a few people at the park. And for some odd reason, when people see someone with a red accordion in a park, they kinda expect them to play it. I did my best without music, but I'm truly just below mediocre in skill. Well if anything, I looked great, and we got a lot of killer photos to send Grandma. (Not that I want to kill Grandma... it's just a figure of speech.) See below for a small sampling.

I was sort of going for the classic mistake box look. For those of you who don't know what a mistake box is... Growing up my mom always put all the family photos in albums, but the ones that didn't turn out or that she had doubles of went into the mistake box. These photos were later used for crafts or cutting up and putting in necklaces or whatever. It was always fun to search through the box for the really strange ones, some were blown out, or people turned at just the wrong time, or someone's head would be cut off, or someone would walk in front of the camera, or you'd just see a picture of feet. I always liked them. Anyhow I think these would have been some of the best in the box.

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Anonymous said...

i think that was one of the most fun afternoons in memory. thanks for that. we are putting one of the pictures of you up on the wall of frames in our bedroom giant wall once we paint in there. :)