Tuesday, June 23, 2009

blog #301 >> Television Lust

If I ever win the lottery this is what I'm buying...

Years ago I found this beauty at an antique store for $200. And I still to this day regret not buying it. But $200 was a lot of money for me at the time. I was still in high school or maybe it was my first year of college... it's hard to remember. But I didn't exactly have a place to keep, or really a need for a television either. I did happen to have my camera with me though so I took a picture to remember it by...

But look! Now you can buy an atomic television set that's new! In the exact same model too! They're in COLOR, and they're dvd/cable/HDTV ready, and you can customize the colors they come in, and they've even got a remote control!

Only you know when it doesn't have a price on it... it's going to be really, Really, REALLY expensive. I couldn't find a price anywhere on the website but they did say they cost less than the original Philco Predicta of 1958 (indexed for inflation) or as much as a high-end television would cost today. Well, with a little research I discovered that the original cost anywhere between $269.95 - $459.95 depending on the model. So after doing some math on a handy dandy inflation calculator I figured out that $300 in 1958 is roughly $2209.73 today. So, unfortunately that's not a television in my price range. I also really don't need a new television. I have a nice one now, that I hardly watch as it is. But perhaps... someday... I'll buy the television of my dreams.

See offical site here: www.predicta.com

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Leingang Family said...

Those things ROCK! The word "covet" comes to mind. LOL