Sunday, November 1, 2009

blog #352 >> Fall is Here

I know the official first day of fall is long past. But today it really felt "autumn-ish." Thanks to daylight savings, I got up unusually early, for a Sunday, and I was pleased to see that a thick fog had wafted in during the night. It was a perfect morning for a long walk, so I donned my best coat and meandered off to the coffee shop. I really need to find a new favorite coffee shop to walk to. The Starbucks on the corner is too close and it's a drive through so there's no place to sit down. And the Stumptown I visited today has some of the best coffee in town, but I don't drink coffee very often anymore. Plus there's very little sitting space and it's always loud and crowded. What I really need is a cozy place with lots of comfy chairs, that isn't too popular... and within walking distance. A place where I can curl up with a book for an hour and head back home. Pix Patisserie has been my favorite place so far. But mostly I like to sit outside there, and they aren't open very early in the morning. However Pix's does serve some of the best tea I've ever had, so there's a plus for them. I'll just have to keep my eye's open for the perfect place.

A gigantic spider web I saw on my way to the coffee shop. It was more impressive in real life all covered in dew.

Today I also picked the last of the harvest from the garden. There's a few more tomatoes and a lot of celery. But nothing else. The rest will have to wait for spring.

A few of the tomatoes, I have lots more ripening in a bag with an apple. Hopefully they'll ripen, because I don't know what to do with all of these green tomoatoes.

And finally we have the last of the carrots. That is my favorite deformed one.


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