Monday, March 29, 2010

blog #393 >> an exciting week

Well, it turned out to be a pretty exciting day.
The transformer across the street blew out at work (NW Media @ 11th & Ankeny) and the downed power line caught on fire. It got so hot that it actually burned a hole in the street, and it was so bright, it was like looking at a welding torch. When the firefighters poured the foam on it, you could actually see it boiling. The sound of the electric current just buzzed through the building and you could feel it come up through the floor. They let it burn for about a half hour, waiting for it to burn off the ground, and we all had front row seats out the office windows. It was an exciting day, but not a very productive day. After they switched off the power we were without lights, telephone, and internet.
We had to call it a day.

And then last night there was "The Mystery Boom" that was heard all across S.E. Portland. I heard it, but at the time I just thought the down stair neighbors were goofing off, and since there was no fire in the hall, I figured it must be fine. I didn't realize EVERYONE heard it.
You can read more about that here and see the map here.

I wonder what will happen tomorrow?


Anonymous said...

Pipe bombs and fires. What comes next? LM

Linda Beth said...

Exciting indeen! I hope your downstairs neighbors aren't too loud and noisy! Let me know if she is, I'll tell her what's up! haha

Mary Kelly said...

craziness! That's awesome you guys got front seat!