Monday, December 27, 2010

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* * * * Christmas Gift Guide: 2010 * * * *

It's usually around this time of year that I realize just how awesome my family and friends are. They all know me so well! I LOVE everything I got for Christmas this year! Thanks everyone!

1. Cottage Tea Cozy - My sister Amy made me this adorable cottage tea cozy. (It matches my cottage potholder!) She even lined it with real thermal insulation so it will keep my tea extra hot. I used it this morning, so I can say without a doubt, that it works great! You can even order one for yourself here. ~ From The Dorrs
2. Stacking Measuring Cups - Amy also got my these delightful stacking measuring cups. These are much too cute to get stuffed in a drawer, I think I'm going to find them a shelf spot after Christmas. ~ From The Dorrs
3. Robot Candy Coaster - Robot Candy makes the sweetest coasters I've ever seen. I have quite a collection, but this one might be my favorite. You can see more of their designs here. ~ From Dave & Trina
4. IKEA Tote Bag - Trina also made me this tote bag from some fabric she found at IKEA. This will definitely be hanging on the hooks by the door! ~ From Dave & Trina
5. Vintage Ship Creamer - They also found me this ship creamer to match the plate they got me the year before last. ~ From Dave & Trina
6. Hot Buttered Rum Mugs & "T" Pin - Next year I'm definitely going to have to pick up a bottle of rum! I can make the "Death by Cake!" rum cake and some hot buttered rum... mmmm...
~ From Frank & Amy & Family (They also got my a cute "T" pin!)
7. Toaster Cover and Thermos - Carrie made me this amazing toaster cover. All my appliances are going to be so cozy! And she gave me this little thermos that is the perfect size for my lunch box. ~ From The Leingangs
8. Vintage Umbrella - My parents found me this fantastic vintage umbrella at an antique store in.... I'll insert the name of the town here when it comes to me... Anyhow, it needs a little tender loving care. I need to replace a snap and the stitching on the handle, but overall it's in excellent shape! It's almost too nice to use, but of course I'll still use it. ~ From My Parents
9. Harney and Sons Tea - The more teas I try, the more convinced I am that this might be the best tea I've ever had. The Paris is an old favorite and the Vanilla might be a new one. See more flavors here. ~ From My Parents and Dave & Trina
10. Blue Sweater - I've been looking for a blue button sweater for sooooo long. I don't know what it is about blue that makes it so hard to find. I can find grey button sweaters, and brown, and black, and purple, and orange, and white, and green, and red, and just about every other color except blue! But at last! My blue button sweater! I don't have to knit one myself anymore! ~ From My Parents
11. Japanese Erasers - These are so cute I don't think I'll be able to take them out of the packages! ~ From My Parents
12. Fancy Paperclips - Now I can hold my papers together with style! ~ From My Parents
13. Knitting Needles and Bias Tape Maker - I'm so excited to try out these new knitting needles. I've wanted a set like this for awhile now. Maybe I can finally knit that hat. The last time I tired, it was with the tiny little sock sized needles and my hat turned into an egg cozy. It was a very nice egg cozy, but I was looking for a hat. ~ From My Parents
14. Breakfast Egg Cup Set - My English breakfasts are going to get so fancy! I love this old vintage fruit egg cup set! I can't wait to use them! ~ From My Parents
15. Stollen Bread and German Jumping Jack - My grandma gave me this traditional German Stollen bread... mmmm... so good! And my parents got my this little jumping-jack at the German Market.
16. Gift Certificate for Beauty Salon - It has been nearly two years since my last hair cut... mostly because I'm cheap. So this gift certificate will be a huge treat! Thanks! ~ From My Parents
17. Milka Chocolate - The best chocolate in the world. ~ From My Parents
18. Retro Christmas Table Cloth - I can't wait 'til next Christmas so I can use this new retro table cloth. It has turquoise star bursts and little triangle trees on it. It will look amazing in my kitchen! ~ From My Parents
19. Cutting Board and Can Strainer - This nifty can strainer will be perfect for draining olives and all type of things, and I can always use a new cutting board too! ~ From My Parents
20. Liquid Pencils - I've been wanting to try these for a long time. But I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed. I was hoping it would write more like a technical pencil than a pen, but it does erase REALLY well. So I think it will grow on me. ~ From My Parents
21. Digital Thermometer - I'm in love with this new digital thermometer. It's so accurate it can tell me if I have a fever or not! It's also got an alarm that will sound when your meat is at the right temperature. And it can even tell me how warm the room is! If I wanted to get really clever, I could program it to sound an alarm if the room goes about 76 degrees. This is going to blow that old mercury candy thermometer out of the water! ~ From My Parents


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