Thursday, April 21, 2011

blog #456 >> Keeping Cozy

Well... basically I'm blogging because I am bored. There's not much happening in the art dept. today which means I'm stuck in the dup. room. It's not so bad in here... Pick blank disk up, place on tray, push button twice, tray goes in, makes crunching sound, tray comes out, take printed disk off, drop on spindle, pick blank disk up, place on tray... over and over again. I'm still lamenting the death of that robotic arm. I'm all caught up on google reader, facebook, and I don't think I can take much more internet news; therefore, it's time for blogging!!!

Last night, I made this wonderful etsy treasury of tea cozies. I'm sure there is an easy way to post your favorite items from etsy to your blog, but I've yet to find it. So if you have a trick for it, please let me know and in the mean time, I'll do it the slow way. Below are some of my favorite tea cozies and tea cozy patterns from etsy.

Vintage 60's Handmade in South Africa ZULU Felt Tea Cozy
from Babylon Sisters

Vintage 1960s Australian Knit & Crochet pattern booklet
from All The Precious Things

Blue Cottage Tea Cozy
by Baby Dear
(I own this one, I can confirm that it's the perfect tea cozy! It will keep tea hot for a couple of hours!)

Vintage spotty tea cosy
from Jenny Lou and Patsy Too

SWEET OLD LADY Tea Cosy - Pattern
by Hand Made Awards

Vintage Rooster Tea Cozy
from Vic and Julie

Retro-Style Knitted Tea Cosy
by Little Tin Hut essential frivolity

Blue Bobble Tea Pot Cosy
by Georgina-Kay Designs

Vintage Flower Basket Embroidered Teapot Cozy
from Blissful Notions

Peach Flower Basket Tea Cosie
by Andrea Lesley Crochet
$32.00 (She has lots of other cute colors too!)


I have a few more in my treasury that you can see here, but I've got to go to lunch.

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