Friday, November 25, 2011

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This poor little blog has been left to fend for itself once again, while I went gallivanting about.
I had a fine time and now I' back to get caught up for the Christmas season.

First off, last weekend I did a craft show at Ardenwald grade school. I know, I should have posted about it BEFORE the event. But I was so busy trying to get ready for it, I forgot. But I'll be doing another one next weekend at Overlook House in North Portland, Dec. 3-4 so you can mark your calendars for that one. I've also replenished my supply of goods to pedal at these two shows, including this adorable woodland bag, a lovely apron made from vintage linen and tea lace, walnut boats, book flags, new hair clips and hair bands, and more pig pot holders (made from vintage pig fabric!)

And here is what I came home with from Ardenwald craft show: this lovely painting by Jennifer Finn of imogenlovley. Last year she bought Mrs. Annabelle Witzel from me, and this year she painted this fantastic picture of her, and gave it to me! I just want to say in caps: THANK YOU! I LOVE IT! and I already found the perfect place to hang it in the living room.

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For a bonus post I have carrots from the garden, and a cool looking bug I found.

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p.s. I also have a new post on The Joys of Jell-O here!

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