Sunday, April 5, 2009

blog #269 >> Meet Horace

I'm not really one for pets... but I'm really alright with plants.
I've found that carnivorous plants are actually the best pets for me. They need very little care outside of sunlight and water, which is perfect because I've got a lot a both.
This is my new little inhabitant, Horace. He's here to keep Vinnie company, even though he looks capable of eating Vinnie. However, I've never heard of carnivorous plants being cannibals, so Vinnie should be safe. Horace enjoys sunlight and eating small unsuspecting insects. Horace does not like small children, who turn his cage upside down. I'm also not sure how Vinnie's doing right now. He never really came out of winter hibernation. He's not really dying either, just not growing. This may be because I never feed him. After I fed him a fly once when he was new, I felt so bad for the fly, I've made him fend for himself ever since. Poor Vinnie. Let's see if a few sunny days will perk him up.

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Anonymous said...

The best part is--your pets are very quiet. That will make your neighbors happy. LM