Sunday, April 26, 2009

blog #282 >> The Garden is Planted

Now the work begins...
I got most of the garden planted today.
Except for the tomatoes and zucchini, which we'll plant when it's a little bit warmer.
(Get well soon Trina!)
I can't wait for stuff to grow!

The garden in all its glory. I know it looks like a bunch of dirt right now, but if nothing else, I'm sure some weeds will grow pretty soon.

Here's the celery we planted. I'm not really sure how it will do, I've never planted it before. But I figured I should probably give it some room.

The saladish part of the garden.

The wild strawberries.

Pea and bean poles and onions.

Strawberry flowers.

And this is rainbow Swiss chard... I'm not really sure what chard is or how you cook it. But it was a really pretty plant so I got some anyhow.

Dandelion! For good luck and to ensure lots of weeds in the future.

Onions at night.


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