Sunday, June 14, 2009

blog #299 >> How To: Make a Skirt
from an Old Coat

Up from the scraps of a ruined coat it rose and took shape and formed... a skirt!

Here is the frumpy old coat I bought at "The Bins" and how I turned it into a skirt and a bag. And they turned out quite nice at that. It was the exact fabric I've been looking for, and I figured this way my skirt was half sewn for me already. Here's the inspiration skirt I fell in love with months ago.

It reminds me of "Joseph had a Little Overcoat" a Jewish tale about Joseph who had an old worn-out overcoat. First he cut off the bottom and turned it into a jacket. Then the jacket got worn out so he turned it into a vest. Then the vest got old and tattered so he turned it into a scarf. When the scarf got old he turned it into a handkerchief. And when at last the handkerchief was no longer usable, he made that into a button. One day he lost the button. And he was so sad that he wrote a song about it. Which just goes to show you, you really can make something out of nothing!



Mary Kelly said...

wow that looks so AWESOME!!!!!


I'm in shock.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! I'm so proud of you! LM

~~louise~~ said...

Oh how I wish I could sew. Simply amazing!!! I have such a mental block that I just can't seem to shake. Theresa, you have inspired me to keep trying...Thanks:)

Leingang Family said...

LOVE IT!!!! It is beautiful!

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