Saturday, July 11, 2009

blog #305 >> More of the Same

Well... I can't say I've done anything out of the ordinary lately. So all this is simply more of the usual.

Here are some of the cherries that I helped pick at my parents house. The tallest ladder they had would barely reach the branches with cherries, so we ended up chopping down the top of the tree to get them. Now it finally makes sense why George Washington would want to chop down his father's cherry tree. Maybe I'll make a pie...

Here's one of the fancy Jell-O molds I made this week. You can get the recipe here on my "The Joys of Jell-O" blog.

Here's one of the pictures I took out boating. I wish I worked closer to the river. I'd just live out on the water all summer and drive the boat to work.

Last week I also discovered that I really like the show Heroes. I had never really watched it before and whenever I did, I was really confused. Then I watched the whole third season on Hulu. And I liked it so much I decided to rent the first season. The only problem with renting it was I only had five days to watch it, so I watched it every spare minute of my day and it still took me six days to finish. Now my brain has turned to "mush" because I normally turn on the television once a month, if that. I think I might wait a few weeks before I rent season two. But oh, it's so good and so addictive... sort of like LOST.

And here's the garden again! I'm afraid I never tire of taking pictures of our little garden. I spent all morning weeding it today.

The lettuce and the little baby spinach.

We have a LOT of green tomatoes but not a single red one yet... I think they'll be turning soon.

Pole peas.

The monster head of lettuce, which is even more monstrous than before.

Baby zucchini.

My giant bowl of dragon striped green beans. I'm going to make them into "dilly beans" tomorrow.

And well... I guess that's it!


Anonymous said...

did you see all the peaches are starting to get peachy? I hope some of them at least are good this year. :)

and our green bean's with dinner tonight were soooo good. I love our little garden. :)

Theresa Rohrer said...

Yes! I hope we have lots of the peaches this year! And I'll bring you over some dilly beans when they're done.

Anonymous said...

The first season of Heroes is super addictive good tv, same as the first season of Lost. They both lose their focus after that, though.

Leingang Family said...

I wish my garden was ready to harvest... I don't even have baby beans yet... It looks beautiful!

Unknown said...

You're my hero!!! Our video store only has season 1 and 2 of Heros and I have been anxiously waiting for season 3. We don't have a TV and only rent things to watch on our projector. Now I know I can watch them on Hulu for a couple more weeks, at least. Thanks!