Monday, July 13, 2009

blog #306 >> Dilly Beans

Yesterday, I took yet another bold step in home canning and tried making "dilly beans." I have to say that pickles are a lot harder to make than jam. It took me ALL day and I was still mopping up the floors at nine o'clock last night. First, I had to go buy the special pickling salt and some other groceries. Then, I ran out of jars and had to go get some more and pick up the scale. And then I had to wash and trim all the beans to fit in the jars, and sanitize the jars, and boil lots and lots and lots of water. Then I ran out of the pickling liquid and had to make some more. And at the very end one of the jars exploded in the canner. But for all that I've got six little jars of dilly beans. (And "yes" they're very tasty, although I haven't tried any of this batch yet. They need to cure for 2-3 weeks.)
I can't wait until they're ready to eat!

"The Joy of Pickling" book I borrowed from Trina.

The Dragon Striped Beans before I canned them.

The fresh dill from the pot on my porch.

The finished "dilly beans!" I wish they had kept their stripes, they're kinda a weird color now. But they'll still taste good.



Kandes Lee said...

Funny ... I was just going to look up pickling. My garden produced 6 pumpkins and a single cucumber. I picked the cucumber too early because it is too hot here in AZ and time to let the garden settle for the summer. So our cucumber is only really good for pickling. Good thing it is so big or it may not be worth it.

blazedanielle said...

How fun! :) The jars look beautiful! I look forward to seeing some more pickling posts. Your dill looks amazing too! :)

Anonymous said...

Could you post a couple of sample pages from The Joy of Pickling? I'm thinking about buying this book.

Theresa Rohrer said...

Sorry, I checked it out of the library a long time ago. You should see if your library has it. I thought it was a really great book and just wrote down the recipes I wanted. Also Amazon has quite a few sample pages here:
Good luck with your pickling!

Anonymous said...

Does it have a lot of step by step pictures?

Theresa Rohrer said...

I don't remember many... but it was so long ago, I could be wrong.