Saturday, October 3, 2009

blog #341 >> Jedi Force Trainer

I found this advertised in one of the catalogs laying around at my parent's house this evening, and the entire concept just blew me away. It seems hard to believe that they've really invented a way to move objects with your brain. It's suppose to be the most fantastic toy of the year. And I believe they'll be selling a great many of these this Christmas. The Force Trainer comes with a headset that uses brain waves (not Midi-chlorians) to manipulate a ball within a clear tube. It has 15 levels in which Yoda will guide you from Padawan to Jedi Master.

The USA Today states: In the Force Trainer, a wireless headset reads your brain activity, in a simplified version of EEG medical tests, and the circuitry translates it to physical action. If you focus well enough, the training sphere, which looks like a ping-pong ball, will rise in the tower. A state of deep concentration is needed to achieve a Force-full effect. "When you concentrate, it activates the training remote," says Frank Adler of toymaker Uncle Milton Industries, which is creating the Trainer. "There is a flow of air that will move the (ball). You can actually feel like you are in a zone."

Teaching kids to concentrate... BRILLIANT! It's also suppose to be a wonderful stress reliever. It will be one of the first mass-marketed brain-to-computer products. Which makes me wonder what the future of this technology will be?

May the force be with you.


Mary Kelly said...

For some reason this bothers me.. it really reads the brain activity?

Next step towards robots taking over our brains! ahhhhh!!!

I wonder if kids actually stick with this long enough for it to be worth buying. Kids have a really short attention span.

Theresa said...

I don't think kids will be the main purchasers of this toy. In reality it's marketed to geeks.