Thursday, October 29, 2009

blog #348 >> Stuff I found online while not cleaning my kitchen...

Without further ado...

Build Your Own Big Ben:
(I've got one on my desk.)

Remarkable Tree House:

Meatloaf Hand:

Hey Mr. Spaceman:

Re-useable Swiffer Thing:

My Parents were Awesome Blog:

Firescreens based on Famous Fires:

It wouldn't be so eerie if the principal didn't have a skeleton head. And I love his intercom speech.

Taxidermy Cereal:

Amazing Bookshelves: See Here...

Build Robots Today T-Shirt:

Scary Apples:

Alright, I suppose I've wasted entirely too much time online tonight. And my kitchen still looks like they filmed "Hell's Kitchen" in there. *sigh* There's more caramel on the floors and counter tops than on the apples. Not to forget, the white chocolate malfunction... Well, it will just have to wait until tomorrow now. I've closed the kitchen door and I'm going to ignore it the rest of the night.
Good night!

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