Sunday, January 30, 2011

blog #440 >> 美しい本を編む

For my birthday this year, I drove to Seattle with my sister Carrie and my friend Trina to visit the wonders of Daiso the 100 yen store and Uwajimaya the Asian grocery store. (Their seafood section is like an aquarium!) I got so many amazing things! And as usual I forgot to take a single picture! I even got a bag of hot roasted chestnuts from a cart right outside the door! Among other things, I got grass jelly, litchi vinegar, some interesting candies, a rice-ball maker, tin foil with elephants on it, decorative tape, bath salts, a bento box set, ingredients to make red bean mochi, and a few craft books. This one is my favorite from Kinokuniya inside Uwajimaya. All their craft books where so delightful! I had a really hard time picking one out. I hope I can figure out how to make some of these things. Diagrams are helpful, but I can't read Japanese at all!

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