Sunday, January 30, 2011

blog #441 >> Lemon Curd

As I was strolling down the produce aisle, I made a remarkable discovery. Lemons were really cheap! I mean incredibly cheap! They must have been on sale and in season, and tempted by their lovely yellowish color, I decided on the spot that this was the perfect week to make lemon curd. I was thinking about canning it, but apparently it's only good for a few months if it's canned, before it turns brown. And it's good for up to a year if it's frozen. So this was one time that I decided to freeze something instead of canning it. Here's the recipe I used and the link to the batch I made last year. (I made a triple batch. One batch makes a little more than one pint, three batches yielded four. I also used super fine sugar, omitted the lemon zest, used 1/2 the amount of butter, and I used regular butter, not unsalted.) It turns out sooo good! I love homemade lemon curd! It's quite a bit more tart that store bought, which is extra good if you're eating it on something sweet like scones or shortbread. I can't wait to have some with tea!

Obviously, I used a LOT of lemons, and eggs.


Anonymous said...

Oooh I do love this post!!

Lemons are one of the greatest fruits out there- I love being able to use something so tart and delicious to make things sweet (and even more delicious!). I work in a tea shop where we use lemon curd, but it's always too sweet for my taste. I'll have to try this recipe out, in hopes that it really IS more tart. Thanks for sharing!

Theresa Rohrer said...

Oh, it definitely is more tart than most other lemon curds! It has equal parts sugar and lemon juice, most other recipes have a 1/3 lemon/sugar ratio. Also, if you try making this be sure to bring it to a boil REALLY SLOWLY! You can't cook this stuff too slow. Besides that, it's really easy! I'm sure you'll enjoy it!