Sunday, June 6, 2010

blog #412 >> Lemon Poppyseed Scones with Lemon Curd

To beat my "bad weather blues," I spent today in the kitchen. It's nice, warm and smells good in there. And between that and spending sometime knitting down at the creek yesterday in the sun, I'm a bit more cheerful about the continuing rain. I even walked up to the store today... and as soon as I got back home I realized that my poppy seeds were bad and I had to drive back up to the store. But it was nice to be outside for a little while.

And here's what I've earned from my hard work. Tea and scones... mmmm...

Here's my Scone recipe: Only I added lemon zest and poppy seeds instead of the raisins and cut them out on sprinkled sugar instead of flour and I added a crater of lemon curd in the middle.
I'm very happy to say that turned out fantastic!
p.s. I do not recommend "grating" your butter. It made a huge mess! Just cut in soft butter like you would for any biscuit recipe.

And here's the Lemon Curd recipe: I can't wait to make a huge batch of this and can it this summer. If you make this recipe you must read (and follow) the instructions in the first review. It's really easy to over cook the eggs and end up with a "chunky" lemon curd with scrabbled eggs in it. Some recipes say to just strain it, but don't do that. Just use the double boiler and add the eggs very SLOWLY as directed in the review. I also only added half the butter. (Or else I wouldn't have any butter the rest of the week. I wasn't about to go up to the store three times today.) And it turned out great, but next time I think I'll try it with the full amount of butter. Oh, and I NEVER use unsalted butter! I also left out the zest, since I like my lemon curd really smooth. I'm so proud of it, I didn't curdle the eggs at all, and it's smoother than the stuff I paid $7 for at the store!

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And here's a couple of pictures from down at the creek. You can see the water (and mud) is very high from all the rain we've had. I'm thinking I need to go there every week this summer. It's so nice and peaceful.


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amish baby crib said...

I think I need some poppy seeds in my garden! That would be lovely.