Sunday, August 7, 2011

blog #481 >> Terry-Taylor Yard Sale Extravaganza

This weekend was the amazing Terry-Taylor yard sale in Longview, WA. Honestly, it's one of the unknown wonders of the Pacific Northwest. It's a large neighborhood where everyone has a yard sale on the same day. And since it's full of older ranch homes, everyone has some pretty awesome stuff. Thrifters flock from all over, and parking is certainly treacherous. Don't even try to park within the neighborhood itself. You will be lucky to get a spot less than a mile away. It's a bit like a carnival inside, there are church fundraisers, hot dog and elephant ear stands, and local political candidates trying to get a vote. Some people who aren't having yard sales, just sit in their front yards in lawn chairs watching the folks go by. I imagine it would be quite entertaining.

This immaculate yard has some fantastic yard ornaments, I wish I had gotten closer to take the picture.

Here's a "bear chair." He looks like he'd bite your ear off when you're not looking.

And although this picture doesn't do this bed justice. It's one of the largest, heaviest beds I've ever seen. One loose screw and it could crush you in your sleep.

Here's an awesome retro hair dryer.

And I'm sure everyone needs a hand in a jar. (from Budd's Curious Itch.)

And this is a picture of the remarkable pirate shopping cart. I bet the other shoppers quake with fear when they see them careening down the store aisles during the Black Friday sales.

And here are my Terry-Taylor finds. I got that yellow thermos for 50¢, the little spice jar for 50¢ and the cute caterpillar on a leash was $1, The pink secretary blouse was $1, the sock darner was $1, the vintage bandages were 50¢ each, Charles Dicken's, "Hard Times" was $1, and the owl mug was my big purchase at $5. A little steep for me, but I really liked it and I wanted it for a planter.

I also bought two other books, a 50's first aid book and an early copy of "The Moonstone," but I'm so depressed... No, that's not the word, distressed? No, that's not it either, disappointed? Closer... I'm just so sad that they fell out of my shopping cart somewhere between Terry and Taylor! I didn't hear them fall, and I didn't think they could, but they must have slipped through one of the one inch gaps along the side of my collapsible cart. I've decided to make a cute cloth bag to fit inside so that never happens again. I'm still feeling their loss. At least I'm only out $3.

I almost spent more on lunch than I did on all my finds combined! There were a couple of cute kids out trying to drum up business for their mom, "Are you guys hungry, you sure look hungry! Come on in and get some Hawaiian BBQ! My mom makes the best Hawaiian BBQ! Try a free sample! We got fresh baked pineapple upside down cake. We'll even entertain you while you eat!" What can I say... he was right, I was hungry! All I had for breakfast was a quick slice of toast before I left Portland, I had been walking around for hours, and it was nearly two o'clock in the afternoon. mmmm... Although, $7 is more than I would normally pay for a lunch, it was some of the best BBQ, I've ever had. And even though I can't remember the name of it, that banana drink for $3 was pretty remarkable as well.

A close up of the vintage bandage boxes and a couple of pictures of the cookbook my sister found.

One of the houses was having an Estate Sale, (I bought the owl mug, sock darner, and bandages there.) And if it were closer to work, I would have seriously considered buying that house! It was a beautiful time capsule home from the 60's. I wish I had sneaked in and taken a look at the bathroom, but it was really crowded, and I'm sure they didn't want us snooping around. It still had all the original lights, carpeting, hardware and appliances.

Take a look at the cute pink retro dishwasher! It was teal inside with a circular lazy susan rack on top. Yes, I opened it. I was trying to not be snoopy, but I could resist!

The lights were pretty amazing too!

And it still had the original countertops...

As well as this remarkable wall unit.

Anyways, the Terry-Taylor yard sale is once again, the best yard sale of the year. I don't even bother to going to any other.

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And as a bonus post, here's a picture of my first ripe eggplant!



Anonymous said...

Awesome finds! Thank you for posting details about the estate sale house, too. So many lovely bits from the past!

Unknown said...

What is the date for the Terry Taylor sale in 2012 - I can't find anything online confirming a date?

Theresa Rohrer said...

Thanks for reminding me! I had to find out from my sister who lives in Long View. It's this Saturday August 6th... See you there!