Sunday, August 21, 2011

blog #482 >> The 25¢ Dress

At last, I've finished the 25¢ dress. I've been meaning to alter this dress for weeks! My sister found it at a garage sale for 25¢ and picked it up for me, but it needed a bit of work. It was super wrinkly, had a hole under the armpit and was a couple sizes too big. So I ironed it out, raised the waist line, turned the hole into a dart and added another dart to the other sleeve. Raising the waist line is my favorite way to take in a dress that's too big. And I look pretty good in high waisted dresses too. It will be perfect for the remains of summer and early fall.

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And as a bonus post, more eggplant from the garden.

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Anonymous said...

That dress is adorable, and you look fantastic in it! Good job :)