Tuesday, July 15, 2008

blog #125 >> The new skirt I sewed.

I realize that's a pretty lame headline, and it's completely devoid of any wit. But it's still kinda early, (at least it was when I started this) and I'm not quite awake yet. I'm having one of those "Day of the Zombies who are Awake yet still Sleeping" kinda days.

This morning when the alarm when off, I was so tired that I just turned it off without thinking and went straight back to sleep. And then I had the strangest dream... I dreamt I was awake and getting ready for work like I always do. I got up and went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, and thought, "hmmm... my hair doesn't look that bad today... and I don't really have time for a shower... I'll just tie it back in a scarf." Then I got dressed and went to check my email. And that's when things started to get a little stranger, because things are never how they actually are in dreams. I was already connected to the internet, strange! And then Gmail didn't really look like it normally does, it was all colorful and stuff. I had three emails. Hmmmm... Okay, I read the first one. It was from Trina and had reminders of things to remember when they're gone to Japan. You know it was things like, water the garden, mail the Door Mouse orders, and pet the cats, basic stuff that like. Then all in sudden... I realized things weren't adding up... Why wasn't my hair a mess? Why was connecting to the internet so easy? Why were there three chat windows open? Then I realized... It's a dream! I woke up. I had been dreaming 10 minutes. And I hadn't actually done any of those things. I guess my brain just wanted to trick my body into getting more sleep. So, I got up and did all those things over again. It was a very strange morning.

Anyhow, I made this really swell skirt last week!
It's created from my favorite pattern that my sister had. I took her pattern and made a bunch of alterations, added pockets, took it in a little, and just tweeked it here and there. Then I copied it over onto some plain brown paper. It's the perfect skirt pattern. I can finish it in an evening now. It takes me a little longer than it would most people because of the pockets, and I always hem my things by hand. But it really turned out nice, and it's perfect for summer.

The perfect skirt.

Here's the pockets.

I hemmed it with grosgrain ribbon, and you can see the under-printing which is a light sea green.

I even embroidered a little brown bird hiding in the foliage.



turquoise cro said...

O! I just LOVE that lil brown bird hiding in the foilage! I just LOVE birds! I just emailed someone and told them whenever I see a bird up in my birdbath, it makes me giggle inside and outside! and it does!!! My eyes are always LOOKING for them in my birdbath! LOL and the skirt is my color and your shoes, I have a pair just like them, well mine are on the back porch and they are very rough looking now and I was just thinking I wish I had another pair of those brown shoes! I'll post them sometime and I'll let YOU know! LOL Now, I wish I had bought another pair just like them but I do have a turquoise pair something like them that I need to pull out and start wearing! O! and I LOVE jello!!!

Leingang Family said...

I LOVE your skirt!

e.marie said...

Great skirt--I really like the fabric & style. Cute shoes, too!