Monday, July 28, 2008

blog #132 >> Local Music I Dig

At NW Media were I work we see a lot of local artists. Everything from hip-hop to ambient noise, from Indy rock to country gospel, we've seen it all... Well, that is we think we've seen it all, until someone comes out and surprises us. There's always one more genera of music we hadn't thought of yet... like Filking.
Well, I was thinking today, I've heard a lot of local bands... most of which I don't particularly like, but I've heard some very fine ones as well. And it's about time I give some of those better bands some credit. So here are some of my favorite bands from Portland. And please remember, I play the accordion, so any band with an accordion in it is a winner in my mind. (I left out Richard Kadrmas and His Band, Czech Polka Party, my favorite Oktoberfest band, because I was afraid no one else would appreciate them quite as much as I do.)

My number one favorite P-Town band:

#1 The Decemberists

Like most of my favorite things, The Decemberists for me were an acquired taste. The first few times I heard them I didn't like them at all. But then after awhile the songs got stuck in my head, and then I started turning up the radio whenever they came on. They definitely grew on me... a lot. The Decemberists kinda have an Indy Rock/Sea Chantey sound to it... And now I love them. I can even play The Mariner's Revenge Song on Big Red.

(After this the order is always changing.)

#2 Vagabond Opera

If you mix some Old World Eastern European music and some 1920's cabaret together, add a dash of New Orleans, some gypsy caravan, striped socks, and throw in a fir-dancing hula-hooping girl than you've got the Vagabond Opera. An exciting blend of music for anyone who enjoys accordions and handlebar mustaches.

#3 Captain Bogg and Salty

EAT A LIME! Avast, Mateys! If ye have thee a hoard of wee little scallywags than this be the crew for you. Set sail with Captain Bogg and Salty on The Pollywogg, for adventures and sea-faring tales, tunes and treasures.
(Photo by Chris Owen)

#4 Mark Twain Indians

(Yes, I designed the poster.) One of the band members works with us, and the music is pretty good too. They feature fresh Indy-rock indigenous to the north west. (For more read poster.)

#5 Fruition
Truly a band no one's heard of yet. But I still really like them. They have an acoustic string band, and they sound like Amy Winehouse singing Bluegrass with very catchy tunes.



Mrs.French said...

I am probably the worst Portland mother of all time. I have yet to take B to a Captain Bogg and Salty show...I will one day! Oh and I think it is beyond cool that you play the accordian.

Theresa said...

I don't have kids and went to a Captain Bogg and Salty show. They were great!

Fruition String Band said...

thanks for the holler! i'm glad you have a good time with us. we just did our first mini tour and it was incredible so i expect things to turn up in portland this winter. yahoo! cheers mate

Allison Francis said...

Yes. Fruition is awesome. I love the song "Devil on my Shoulder" so much.