Friday, July 18, 2008

blog #128 >> Book of the Week:
The Boxcar Children

Well I'm afraid the book of the week has become the book of the month! I need to keep up on these. Anyhow, this week's book is The Boxcar Children. I loved this book when I was little and had completely forgotten about it until I was listening to Boxcar by the Rosebuds, and then it brought it all back. It's amazing how something that took me weeks to read as a kid, now took me about two hours to finish. I'd forgotten how much I liked this story. But I realize now that four kids living by themselves out in an abandoned boxcar in the woods is not only completely implausable but also extremely dangerous. But when you're ten, you don't think about that. You just think how cool it would be to pick wild blueberries for dinner, cook a stew of baby vegetables in an old kettle over a camp fire and build a swimming hole for a bathtub. I also loved reading about their trips to the dump to find "treasures" to take home... hmmm... maybe that's why I like junk stores so much. I also remember my favorite place to read this book was in the tree house. In fact one winter I forgot it up there, so now it's all stained and faded. But I think it just adds to its character. It's also an Oregon City School Library reject. If you've never read The Boxcar Childred, you should.


Leingang Family said...

My boys loved the Boxcar Children. It is a wonderful story that makes being orphans living in a railroad car sound like so much fun that you want to do it, too!

blazedanielle said...

I LOVE the Boxcar Children. This story is so sweet! ;) So fun!

I hope you've had a wonderful week, and that you're enjoying you Monday! xo!

d.Sharp said...

What a great score!
I have been wanting to find a copy for my oldest son, thanks for the reminder!