Tuesday, August 12, 2008

blog #137 >> Blogs that devour time

Listed below is a number of blogs and websites that have wasted away my days. These are great if you're at home or work or any other place where you might need to kill some time. But beware, you may end up spending more time on them than anticipated, and they may even consume the time you can't afford to lose.

Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

The first time I saw it, I thought it was pretty cheezy... funny, but cheezy. But then, all the songs got stuck in my head. And the next thing I knew, I found myself singing the "...With my freeze ray I will stop the world..." song at the grocery store. Then I realized, "Hey, that's got really good music, and being cheezy is what makes it so great!" Now I'm addicted and I'm just turning it on and listening to it for the music. Watch it here.

Cake Wrecks

A blog of professional cake decorating gone disastrously, but hilariously wrong. On this blog you can enjoy the mishaps of professional cake decorators and bakers as they try their best to decipher what the customers actually want on their cakes. You can see the "life-like statue of the bride" cake, the "baby bum" cake, the "good luck that looks like an 'f' instead of an 'l'" cake, the "green like mold" cake, and of course bad spelling and grammar cakes. MMMMMM...mmm... cake. Enjoy.

Craft: Magazine Blog

Craft Magazine's blog is great for all kinds of crafting, cooking, and "Oh, what should I do? I'm so bored right now." ideas. And if you ever run out of posts to read, you can just visit their flicker site for more fun craft inspiration.

It's lovely! I'll take it!

It's lovely! I'll take it! Is a collection of poorly chosen photos from real estate photos. It also has homes that make you ask, "What went on here?" And this blog always has the answer in the form of hilarious commentaries. I have wasted entire days away on this site. And it just keeps getting funnier. (See above, The Hulk House and The "Pick it up, dust it off and this gem will shine" House)

Lileks: The Institute of Official Cheer

Ah, this blog has so many different things going for it. You can browse through poorly thought through comics, old advertisements, the Sears catalogs of the past, a matchbook collection, you can read short articles about diners and hotels gone by and so much more.

Robot a Day

These delightful bots are made by Anatomy of a Skirt and are for sale here. She posts a new bot design everyday, and I can't wait to see what she's going to think of next. They all make me laugh. Ha!

Alright, I suppose that's enough crazy blogs for now. If you can think of one I'd like, send me a link. I am slightly bored at the moment.
Now back to work.


Leingang Family said...

I can't go to anymore great websites, but I will file these away for later.

blazedanielle said...

What a fun post!! ;) I'll have to check some of those out! ;) And that cake is great!! I'll have to see that blog for some inspiration! Haha!

d.Sharp said...

Have to check out It's lovely - I am sure I will love it.