Monday, February 9, 2009

blog #238 >> There's nothing wrong with your television set...

As before mentioned, I've watched a great deal of "The Outer Limits" this weekend. Not so much because it's such a swell show, but more because there was nothing on t.v. and I was too tired to read. Anyhow, I also got started on them because of these monster cards sitting on my desk. They were my uncle's and growing up they were always at my grandparent's house, so I have rather fond memories of looking through them and making monster masks of them and such. I remember I always like the red one best, "Fearful Foe" and it was really easy to make a monster mask like him. I'd just color a brown paper bag red and poke an eye hole in. I had an instant "Fearful Foe." Anyways it's been fun to see the shows that my monster cards were based on. Although the stories on the backs of the cards have NOTHING to do with the show.

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