Tuesday, February 10, 2009

blog #240 >> Leave it to Beaver Letter

I slept last night from 8pm to 8:30am this morning. I can't talk today, and I sound like a frog when I try to laugh. I'm also getting very bored. I've watched nearly every episode of "The Outer Limits" and I still feel too crummy to actually do anything. I took out the trash yesterday and had to take a nap afterwords. So, I've been just wasting as much time as possible online this morning... wait... I have to go blow my nose again... Alrighty, what was I saying? Oh yes, I'm still sick today. And I found this super funny post on Shorpy that made me laugh, I mean croak, 'til I cried. It's a freeze frame of a letter on "Leave it to Beaver"... hold on... Where did I put the Kleenex?... Here it is... So, I find it really really funny, because I can't say how many times I've written things like this on projects I know will never print. In fact, I think I've used some of those exact lines. Or I'll write, "If you're reading this... DON'T PRINT!" We even have our own fictional characters like "Fred Jarvis" "Realtor Extraordinaire" or I'll name everyone after presidents, or just type whatever random thing comes into my head. They're a lot like my blog posts actually. Anyhow... here it is and the link back to the original posting, the comments there alone are worth a visit.
Okay, now maybe I should take a nap,

Mr. Ward Cleaver
485 Mapleton Drive
Mayfield, State

My Dear Mr. Cleaver:

This paragraph has absolutely nothing to do with anything.
It is here merely to fill up space. Still, it is words,
rather than repeated letters, since the latter might not
give the proper appearance, namely, that of an actual note.

For that matter, all of this is nonsense, and the only
part of this that is to be read is the last paragraph,
which part is the inspired creation of the producers of
this very fine series.

Another paragraph of stuff. Now is the time for all good
men to come to the aid of their party. The quick brown
fox jumped over the lazy dog. My typing is lousy, but the
typewriter isn’t so hot either. After all, why should I
take the blame for these mechanical imperfections, with
which all of us must contend. Lew Burdette just hit a
home run and Milwaukee leads seven to one in the series.
This is the last line of the filler material of the note.
No, my mistake, that was only the next to last. This is last.

I hope you can find a suitable explanation for Theodore’s
unusual conduct.

Yours truly,
Cornelia Rayburn

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Leingang Family said...

Hope your feeling better. Love the Etsy stuff!