Sunday, March 8, 2009

blog #253 >>I'm alive!

After being sick for over a month I'm finally feeling better! And with it I'm getting back into a regular schedule. Before I was sick I had finally starting to keep up with blogging and Etsy, but when I got pneumonia I didn't do anything except sleep and watch Gilligan's Island. In fact I watched nearly every episode ever made. It's one of the only things I own on DVD. And it's the type of show where if you sleep through half an episode, you'll still know what's going on. In fact I even developed a plot guide to Gilligan's Island.
I decided there are three main plot themes

Plot A:
Since Gilligan's Island is uncharted and less than 3 hours away from Hawaii, apparently it's quite a hot spot for people who want to escape civilization, rare butterfly hunters, migratory ducks, robots, movie producers, head hunters, evil twins, and lost Japanese sailors who don't know that the World War II isn't over yet. You never know who's going to drop by or be discovered on (or discover) Gilligan's Island. This plot usually ends with the intruder being sent off with cheering or escaping secretly by night, leaving the castaways stranded, but hopeful for rescue, and relieved that their annoying visitor is gone. Later the castaways will receive word over their transistor radio that the visitor to their island has reached civilization, and in most cases, has amnesia and no memory of Gilligan's Island, or no way of charting where it is.

Plot B:
Gilligan messes something up. Let's face it Gilligan is a klutz... and always hungry. This plot starts with Gilligan breaking something or eating all of the professor's glue or eating his luminescent paint, or shellac, or shark repellent or whatever tasty thing the professor is cooking up that day. Then all the other castaways say that they wish Gilligan never existed, or some silly thing like that, and Gilligan over hearing, runs away to the other side of the island. There he spends the night in a cave and has a dream about a fairy tale or old western scene or something of that sort with everyone on the island in it. Then the other castaways realize they miss Gilligan, bring him lots of blankets and bananas, and convince him to come back.

Plot C:
If Gilligan goes fishing, it's guaranteed, he's liable to catch anything but a fish. It's simply amazing what will wash into the lagoon. It could be an old rubber raft, a pint of ice cream, a treasure chest, a telephone cable, an old box of magic tricks, a box of radio active seeds, or moldable plastic, you just never know what might wash up after a storm. This plot usually ends with the castaways trying to use the (fill in the blank) somehow to escape, only to be foiled by Gilligan. From here it can turn into Plot B.

...So yes, I've watched an absurd amount of Gilligan's Island. But after all, I'm afraid the professor has stolen my heart.

In other news, I found the apartment of my dreams. I tried my best to get into it, but it wasn't meant to be. I should have told them I'd take it sight unseen. It was even in my price range and the rent would only be about $20 more than what I'm spending now. It was so lovely! I tried to get on a waiting list, but the land lord never emailed me back... sigh...

I also made a trip up to Estacada this weekend and stopped by Mike's and my favorite bookstore. All of their hardbacks are $2, all kids books and soft covers are $1, and all magazines are free. I got these Betty Crocker cookbooks, Campbell's Soup cookbook, and luster ware teapot all for $9.

Unfortunately, I'm not feeling back to normal yet. I pulled a rib muscle when I was coughing and it's still really bothering me. It's definitely going to be on my top ten most painful moments list. Since I haven't had any kids there's not a lot to put on there. The time I had a tooth filled without novocaine and the time I broke my foot would be two other notable mentions. Although when I broke my foot it was asleep, so this was actually more painful. I could even hear it when it ripped and WOW!... I knew it wasn't good. So in my attempt to keep everything in place and I've been wearing my corset. At first I just wore it at night to keep myself from rolling over strangely and re-pulling it in my sleep. But I think it helps so much, I'm wearing it all the time now. I originally made it for a costume, but I'm glad it's getting some use. Although it seems really strange to be wearing one, it does help my posture and I'm not keeping it very tight. I wasn't sure about posting that picture, it's reminiscent of wearing ones underwear outside ones clothes, but why not. I wear that sweater at least once a week after all. And I am very proud of my sewing on the corset.

Well, I guess that's enough to get myself caught up.
I'm glad to be feeling better and hopefully I can keep the posts coming.


Anonymous said...

Stay well and get lots of rest. LM

Leingang Family said...

I'm glad you're back. I've missed your blogs!