Tuesday, March 10, 2009

blog #256 >> How to Pin a Hat Pin

How to use a hat pin:

First of all, ask yourself...

Do I need a hat pin?

Does my hat fall off my head without one?

Do I have enough hair to pin it to?

Will I need an impromptu sword?

If you answered "no." to one or all of these questions, then this post is probably not for you. However if you answered "yes." then you've come to the right place.

You see hat pins aren't for everyone. And you can't wear one with just any hat or any hair style.
You're going to need:

a: hair (Lots of it, piled on top of your head, like the Gibson Girl.)

b: a hat (It could be the type of hat that's easily confused for a two pound, double layer, birthday cake, or a tiny pill box hat that would blow away with the slightest breath of wind. The trick is to use a hat that's not going to stay on your head no matter what. Baseball caps, stocking hats and construction hats don't need hat pins)

c: a hat pin (Hat pins come in all different lengths and styles. If you have a little 40's hat, pick out a little pin, if you have a giant Victorian hat, use the shish kebab length hat pin.)

If you don't have enough hair to pin your hat to. And your hat stays on your head reasonably well. And you have your heart set on using a hat pin, the best thing you can do is pin the hat pin into your hat before you put it on and just have it there for looks. But if you've got big hair continue below.

1: Stick the pin into the hat just above the hat band, towards the front, on the right side of your hat if you're right handed, left if left handed, or in a decorative spot if the hat has one. Push it in about three quarters of an inch.

2: Put the hat on your head.

3: Carefully, push pin through hair, sideways, towards the back, and out the other side. If you're using a short pin you should catch about an inch and a half of hat. If you're using a long pin catch about three inches. And if you're using a really long pin about five inches.
Do not push pin straight into your head!

And there you have it. Your hat is now pinned perfectly onto your head.


Photos from Shorpy and Plan 59.


Virginia said...

great blog! thanks, i've been wondering how to do this without stabbing myself too much!

Geri said...

Thank you. I am sewing up an late 1800's Victorian dress for my Halloween costume this year and I need a hat pin but had no clue on how to wear one, till now!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I have always had trouble keeping hats on my head (Australia, where I live has a huge incidence of skin cancer from sun exposure). I decided hat pins were the only answer but wasn't sure how to use them.


Morrighu Tel Uvrith said...

I've been wondering how I was supposed to do this. I'm having an outdoor Victorian (Steampunk) wedding and I'm wearing this - http://www.lacyfaire.com/Off_White_Felt_Riding_hat_with_Ivory_p/em8061.htm

I will be attaching a bridal veil as well... yes, I know... glutton for punishment...

An older friend suggested that I investigate a hat pin order to make sure that I don't interrupt the ceremony to chase my hat down.