Sunday, February 7, 2010

blog #381 >> Digging up the Garden

Finally! The weather has held out long enough for me to get outside. And since the poor garden had been neglected since last fall, I started there. I pulled out all the old dead stuff and trimmed back the roses and blackberries. Then, I bought some primroses for my flower box, and moved the cabbages that were wintering over in there, back into the garden. It looks pretty pathetic right now with nothing in it, but spring is still a pretty long way away. Plus, I've still got to till it and move the strawberries before I can plant anything. aaaaah... I can't wait for gardening season to start again.

Before I cleared it out today:

After I cleared it out:

Not the most exciting picture, but it's the only thing growing in the garden right now. Well that is besides the strawberries, some struggling onions, and a handful of weeds... CABBAGE!

And although Flash and Blogger don't seem to be friends, here's a poorly done photo montage of the garden over the past year.



Anonymous said...

I love all the garden scenes: winter (snow) spring, summer and fall. What a lovely garden. And what a lovely gardener. LM

Theresa said...

Thanks Mom!
Poor little cabbages, it was icy the first night they were in the ground. It's been so good for weeks now. I'm debating to dig them up and put them back into pots.

Leingang Family said...

I love your garden slideshow! I would love to have one!