Sunday, February 14, 2010

blog #384 >> Could Live in a Yurt

I'm in love with these yurts right now, and some of them are actually bigger than my apartment. Plus, they're so cheap! $9,785 for the 700 sq ft yurt. That's less than a new car! Just think of all the money I could be saving on rent. I could live in a yurt, down by the creek... yeah... I could live in a yurt. If yurts are good enough for the nomadic herdsman of Mongolia, yurts are good enough for me.
Get more information and see more photos at

You can also design your very own yurt here.

I chose "toast" as my main color toast, simply so I could live in a yurt that was as "cozy as toast," but they have many other color options as well including cranberry, indigo and teal.



Thomson Clay said...

Yay tiny houses!

Here's a story about a cute yurt family I've seen a few times this month.

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I WILL be living in a yurt! LM