Wednesday, February 24, 2010

blog #387 >> Black & White Things I Like

Alright, I'm just going to have to post these to my blog and close a few of these windows. Here's a random collection of mostly black and white things, that I have been completely enamored with lately.

I absolutely LOVE this hat. Unfortunately, it's way out of my price range at $125. But if I ever see any similar fabric, I'm totally making one. It reminds of something Pearl would wear.
Seen here on Etsy.

I found these two lovely dresses on Bliss. They are also way out of my price bracket, but this is why I learned to sew. See them here... and here at makié. (I can also see Violet wearing these dresses.)

And I need to confess I broke down and bought a pair of these socks. In fact I'm wearing them right now. They're just so fantastic! These will be perfect for those long summer Model A rides. And they were only $15. Seen here at Sock Dreams.

Alright, so I like this shirt, but what's really impressive is her hair. How does she do that with her hair?! My hair is about that curly, but my hair is also a daily battle, which usually ends with my hair victoriously remaining in a frizzy, rampaging mess! Some days the best I can do is cage it with a hat. I really wish I knew how she got each curl to stand out and not frizz together... Photoshop?
See cute blouse here. (terrible glasses however... not that I can be one to talk.)

When I think of all the shapes a locket could possibly be, "whale" is not at the top of the list. I guess that's why I'm so taken with this strange and unusual piece of jewelery. I'm sure it must have a remarkable history, although I can only guess at it's true past. Perhaps it belonged to a whaler to enclose a miniature of his wife? Or maybe someone just really loved whales?
Seen here.

If this were my bathtub, I would never get out. Oh, and I'd keep a few battle ships around to play with too.
Seen here.

And here's a place I'd love to visit, although I'm sure it's not nearly this cool today, The U.S. Patent Office. This is why I need a time machine. It's verily a museum of inventions and the resting place of creative ideas. Metaphorically speaking, I image this is what the inside of a brain would look like. And an interesting side note Abraham Lincoln remains the only U.S. president to be issued a patent. Photos above from Shorpy, see here, here and here, and although it's color and I didn't post it, see here.

Another dress I adore, in fact I think I'm going to sew one similar to it for summer, but in blue. Seen here.

Poor house! It got squashed between the buildings! At 6 feet wide, (That's half the width of my living room) I think I might be a bit claustrophobic, but it does seem pretty open in the photos. And it even has a cute little 6ft garden out back.
Read full story at The Daily Mail here.
As they would say "There really is no room to swing a cat..."
However, if the price tag were lower, it would make a swell little home in London.

Found here at Tiny House Blog.

Another random Shorpy photo to admire. Just look at her shoes! This picture makes me want to run into my kitchen and bake a big cherry pie.

And last but not least, instructions from Ruffles and Stuff on how to hack your old cardigan and give it a vintage flair. I can't wait to pull some of my old sweaters out of the closet and transform them. Found at The Sew Weekly.

Alright, I suppose that's enough for now.


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