Monday, March 14, 2011

blog #452 >> Muddy Creek

Although most people who read this blog are probably getting a bit tired of creek pictures... I love them, and I think they're pretty, so I'm going to continue to post them. This week the water was extra high due to the heavy rains we've been getting. It is also the muddiest I've ever seen that water. It looked like chocolate milk.

We also lost a large tree limb that fell across the path going down.

And there's a new cupboard in the sheltered area, I can't wait for another reading day down at the creek. It was just too wet and rainy this week. Maybe next week...

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Todd Clark - YourLifetimeAgent said...

How come you didn't stop by the house? We had all the cake you could have eating just waiting for you.

I noticed there was a tree across 242nd as well.