Sunday, March 6, 2011

blog #449 >> Sister Day

When my sisters and I found out that my brother was going to go pick up his new baby pigs, we dropped everything for the day and we all decided to go visit the baby pigs. But first we had some other stops to make.

My oldest sister Carrie needed a place to stay in town Friday night, so she stayed over at my place and slept on the couch. We ended up staying up until midnight watching Coal House at War. It's my latest favorite historical reality show produced by BBC Wales. It's about 3 modern families who go and live in a Welsh coal mining community in 1944. The families of today need to cook on a wood stove, raise rabbits, pigs and tend a "victory garden" for food, take in evacuee children from the London bombing, and deal with black outs and air raids. The wives work sewing ammunition bags in a factory on treadle sewing machines. The kids go to a 1944 one room school house where they need to take cod liver oil and malt syrup everyday. And the men need to walk 4 miles to and from their work at the coal mine each day... well sometimes they take the original 1940's bus, but it's broken down a lot. It's really made me realize how lazy I am. It's a great show.
In the morning I made us a mostly English breakfast of tea, cooled toast, soft boiled eggs, cheese, and the last of my homemade sauerkraut that I've been telling her about for weeks. ...and yes, we watched more Coal House too.

After breakfast my other sister Amy and her daughter Maggie stopped by, and we all went to "The Wall of Herbs," Edelweiss German market, Cool Cottons on Hawthorne, (which had some amazing fabrics, I'd definitely go back.) The Monticello Antique Mall, and then we had some lunch. After that we picked up the rest of the kids and stopped by Mike's in Estacada before we went to see the pigs. Everybody loves Mike's! I also noticed he had some new cautionary signs, and apparently if you get caught switching the lids on the pots, he'll now prosecute you for shoplifting... and we all know what happens to shoplifters at Mike's... so don't mess with his pots and pans!

And here are the new baby pigs. We named ours Chester, (he's the one with the spotted bum.) and the other is named Bacon. I know you're not suppose to name them, but since we see them so seldom, I doubt we'll get too attached. The kids really liked them, but they're not too tame yet, and were more than a little bit timid. They'll be more fun in a few months after they've learned that people bring food. This year's pigs are really cute, but overall I think last year's were cuter.

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