Saturday, March 8, 2008

blog#063 >> I Like Mike's

My vintage find of the day...

...this wonderful retro radio clock! It was $8 bucks.
And I found it at Mike's. One of my favorite thrift stores.

Located in Estacada, it's not a close drive. But well worth the finds. You see retro objects haven't quite caught on yet in Estacada. Yes, locals have heard of the mysteries concerning crazy young folk decorating their homes with their tacky unwanted junk for years. But when it comes right down to it... they don't have a clue. So you can find some great deals as well as treasures without any competition from other retro freaks.

But don't get too excited Mike's does have some dangers of its own. For one Bigfoot greets you at the door holding a sign indicating that shoplifters will be eaten. So don't try anything rash, just pay the $5 bucks for the world's first electric waffle iron and everything will be all right. Also, I should warn you that Mike can be a bit feisty. A nice guy yes, but don't let him catch you mixing, moving or touching the merchandise. You will be yelled at for picking something up and placing it somewhere else, even if that somewhere else is only .25 inches away. My dad has a rather tall friend and whenever he goes to Mike's, he'll turn the item on the very top shelf just enough so the price tag isn't showing. And when rather short Mike notices he comes raging out with the step stool to fix it. "Who's the blabedy blah who's always moving these blahdy blah things!" It's quite fun really. But don't worry about it too much. He's got plenty of signs letting you know what you should and should not be doing.

The other danger of Estacada is of course being misunderstood. "Why exactly do you want a broken old radio?" "Why to gut and make computer speakers with, of course." "...Oh.?." I think I confuse a great many people. So, it's important to speak as plainly and clearly as possible without using too much "vintage" jargon. Today I was buying this swell radio when the lady behind me (very confused) asked, "Don't you want a nicer clock that actually works?" Temporarily blown away by the surprise of such a question. I stood momentarily dumb. But thankfully Mike came to my rescue and explained that I was a usual customer, what retro is and how all the kids are into it. (p.s. My clock radio does work but it hums a few bars before warming up when you listen to the radio part.)

It's also important that when visiting Estacada in general, to dress for the occasion. If you walk down a street in Estacada in your black and white oxfords, a poodle skirt and cat eye glasses people will stare. Where as in Portland, you'll just blend in with all the other weirdos. So, think plaid. Simple is best while trying to fit in. Jeans are always a good choice, as are earth tones and sneakers. Furs would also be acceptable. Where as in Portland, you would get a bucket of red paint thrown on you. So you may want to use this chance to wear that old fur coat of your grandma's lying in the back of the closet. Just make sure you match it with something simple and not too dressy. Over all, do your best to keep a low profile. Of course you can still throw a little flair into your attire... but just try not to scare anyone.

All that being said, check out some these great Mike's finds of the past:

(Dear Portland Mercury, I will take your picture of Mike's Bigfoot off next time I'm there and can take a picture of my own. But until then I will grace you with a link to your All About Estacada issue. Cheers.)
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I want to go to Mike's now, too. I never get to go anywhere fun. :o)