Tuesday, March 11, 2008

blog #064 >> And I Like Mice

In case you were wondering what the DoorMouse Shop is on the top left of my blog. It's were me and my delightful friend-neighbor Trina sell our amazing, wonderful, top-notch, swell, cool, shockingly great, astounding, crafty... crafts. I suggest everyone reading this blog to click on one of the little pictures on the left and visit the site. And then go and tell everyone you know to do the same thing. We also have a crafting blog just for the site: DoorMouse Designs. So, when you're done looking at all of our cool stuff on etsy, you should go and read what's happening on the blog.
This week I'm working on Hair Mice: Like head lice, but nice.
I'm not sure if that catch line will improve our sales much. But I laugh every time I read it just the same. And here are some pictures of me with crazy hair.

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