Sunday, March 30, 2008

blog #073 >> Book of the Week: Baby Dear

My parents got this darling book for my oldest sister Carrie, when my other sister Amy was born. And we all read it growing up. It's a very cute story about a little girl who gets a baby doll when her mom has a new little baby.

And unfortunately we will never know how Baby Dear ends now, because someone ate and ripped the last pages out of Baby Dear. I would like to mentions that... I did NOT EAT BABY DEAR!
Being the youngest somehow these things always get blamed on me. But I certainly don't remember eating Baby Dear, therefore it couldn't possibly have been me. I could have drawn in it though, that would be a very "Theresa" thing to do. But eat it? Never. I don't like to eat paper. It tastes awful.

Anyhow, my point in picking this book for the week is this: Baby Dear's Wee Little Things. My sister's have started an etsy store were they are selling all kinds of sweet little things for your very own baby dear. So, I suggest everyone go and take a look at their store and their blog.

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